New Orleans Tragedy: 7-year-old Girl Shot Dead in Mother’s Car

The violence in these Democrat-run cities knows no bounds.

Over the last year, it seems as though we have seen unprecedented violence against children, many being caught in gang wars and crossfire on streets.

That appears to be the case of Dillan Burton, a 7-year-old little girl killed in the backseat of her mother’s car on Sunday.

Tragedy Strikes

The young mother, Maquisha Burton, 24, was obviously crushed by the murder of her daughter.

The only solace this mother has is that she and her other daughter were unharmed in the attack.

After the shooting, Burton stated, “My baby. My baby. My baby. My baby. I need my baby.

“Why would they do this to my child? Why would they do this to Dillan?

“Dillan didn’t deserve this.

“My baby didn’t deserve this. Jesus, why my baby? Why? Why? Why? Why my child?”

After the shooting, Burton fled the scene to safety, with her daughter being rushed to a local hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

The suspect in the case was driving a light-colored pickup truck.

A second “vehicle of interest” is a green Nissan Armada SUV.

After the shooting, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell stated, “It is unbearably tragic.

“As a City, as a community — we reject this.

“How often have we said ‘one is too many?’ This one, alone, is too much.

“This child deserved better of us. Somebody out there knows who pulled the trigger. We need them to come forward.”

The sentiment is great, but I am sure the people of New Orleans would prefer a crackdown on crime and keeping criminals in jail once they have been arrested rather than allowing them to go free on no-bail, low-bail programs.

These horrifying and tragic deaths are preventable, but it will never happen with Democrats in charge.

Source: New York Post

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20 Responses

  1. This government is not trustworthy !
    So tragic this little girl found out early !
    Democrat philosophy is blame the gun !
    Would they blame a stick or a brick ?
    Fire or biological weapon like COVID ?
    COVID is the trial run for the next horrible disease. LETS GO BRANDON. !
    Who will they kill next !

  2. These deplorable so called leaders couldn’t care less ! They would sacrifice thousands more to satisfy their own political ambitions !
    Some people are uncivilized barbarians
    For they most part they are low income violent Democrat base !
    Burners Looters Murderers !
    20/20 was a rigged election !
    Joe is a moron !

    1. Oh they care alright. However, they do not care about the individual they care about how they can exploit tragedies like this to advance their agenda.

  3. Maybe some of the democrat communist extorted taxpayers funds should be used to build more prisons of high security rather than allowing criminals to roam free?

  4. Another senseless killing, I hope the police catch whoever did this and that they be locked up for a very long time, I am very sorry that another child has been killed by a senseless shooting

  5. In the end it doesn’t matter who is in charge it’s the people that makes the difference. Democrat or Republican if you only care about yourself then who gets hurt from your decisions don’t matter till if effects uou personally. The loss of that sweet innocent child is way to many. Once this family will now become active in changing policies to protect the rest of her family and others. This is the only way change will happen. My heartaches for this young family . I pray God protects and blesses them.

  6. The democrats and their lawlessness caused this. How many children will die before law enforcement is re-created and supported. They are eating their own and killing our children. Yes, police could/should have more training and also diversity lessons but the democrats are not going to do it. Get Trump back.

  7. These things are always tragic however it seems that they never do anything about it. I wonder if this happened to one of their family members would they do something about it then. SO TRAGIC.

  8. They do something about it when it happens to them. Look at the representative who was car jacked and they found the car and the perps shortly after the crime. If you or I is car jacked the cops seem not to be available.
    lets go Brandon.

  9. Politicians are OUT OF TOUCH with the reality of today. You see AOC dancing in Florida unmasked while supporting masks for the rest of us. What the hell is going on?

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