New York Teachers Protest Biden Vaccine Mandates

Joe Biden’s support in this country has been dwindling since he took office.

While that is concerning for Democrats, they really have a problem now.

A massive protest was held in New York by a group of teachers, chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

Why was this happening? They were protesting vaccine mandates.

Uh Oh, Joe

This is like the ultimate whammy for Joe Biden.

He is not only getting hammered in a liberal city, but this group is also one that he has catered to throughout the pandemic… teachers.

This was not a small protest, either, as you can see in the video below…

Some of the other chants were throwing Democrat and liberal talking points back into the face of Democrats regarding abortion.

Specifically, the protesters were heard chanting, “My body, my choice.”

There was also a large gathering in Foley Square…

Former teacher Amy Carroll was there to support her fellow educators, stating, “I have lived and worked in this city as a civil servant for 28 years of my life.

“I should be able to make my own health decisions and make a decision that doesn’t affect my employment that doesn’t affect my right to go to a restaurant, or a Broadway play, a museum.”

Joe, you officially have a major problem on your hands.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

      1. About time! Maybe there ARE some people with Common Sense in New York! Need MORE of ’em, though…..

        Too bad the California idiots voted to retain Newsome. They DESERVE what they get!!!

  1. So where are the Republicans? In France, Italy, Spain, and other countries millions of people have turned back tyrannical edicts by thier so called leaders. We need to do the same thing here.

  2. You got what you voted for lying cheating COMMUNIST CONTROL ADMINISTRATION illegals don’t have to get the Jab or government officials an postal workers but every one else does what that tell you about the CHINA VIRUS NOT AS BAD AS THE LYING MEDIA & THE DEMOCRATS SAY IT IS & ALSO F BIDEN & THE LYING MEDIA.

  3. They forgot to mention the student section at NCAA football games chanting, FU-Biden! But they used the real words.

  4. No biggie. The teacher’s union will just get them an exemption. In the end the only ones that he’ll force it on are the Trump supporters. This isn’t about health and safety. It’s all about punishing the supporters of his enemy cause we voted for him.

  5. Well well well, when do you know the false king has fallen from grace, when his own believers can’t stand him anymore.

  6. The communist democrat cult party wants our country to dwindle so that they can put everyone on the allowance of the federal government and be the slaves to the communist democrat cult party!
    That is how they work, create a disaster and then apply a sloppy enslaving Band-Aid fix that encourages laziness and corruption in our cities and states!
    Find a vaccine to cure this communist democrat cult syndrome!

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