Newt Gingrich: $3.5 Trillion Infrastructure Bill is Political Suicide for Democrats

There are some major spending bills about to hit the floor in Congress and from what I have seen thus far, they are both complete jokes.

The so-called bi-partisan bill is still loaded with hundreds of billions of wasteful spending this country simply cannot afford.

Between that bill and the massive $3.5 trillion Dems plan on pushing through via reconciliation, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich believes Democrats are committing “political suicide.”

Democrat = Dictatorship

In all my years, I have seen both sides of the aisle walk a fine line in Congress, but I have never seen what I see today.

The move by Pelosi to block McCarthy’s committee picks, then the audacity to appoint Republicans on her own was beyond outrageous.

Pelosi admitting that she will hold the upcoming bipartisan package hostage until she gets the reconciliation bill is more proof that she truly believes she is the one running this country and that we have to play by her rules.

I would have loved to have seen a true bipartisan infrastructure bill, but the bill created is the handiwork of Democrats and blinded Republicans.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) actually read the bill, and he has been blowing it up on social media as of late, showing just how outrageous and wasteful some of the spending in that bill will be.

These bills are creating debt that will take generations of Americans to overcome.

To that point, Gingrich believes Americans will wake up to this ridiculous spending, and we will see anyone supporting this legislation get wiped out of Congress.

Gingrich discussed this in detail with conservative commentator Mark Levin…

You can also read Gingrich’s full op-ed on these spending bills on Fox News.

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