Nikki Haley: Democrats No Longer Believe in America

The field of possible female candidates that could impact the 2024 presidential election is getting very narrow.

While once a favorite, Nikki Haley fell out of favor after a spat with Donald Trump, but she is making some moves again.

With Governor Kristi Noem facing an investigation and possible abuse of power charge, Haley is working hard to improve her profile and once again get atop that list of top contenders.

Touching Those Hot Spots

While Noem is clearly facing some problems right now, her misfortune has presented Nikki Haley with an incredible opportunity, and she is not wasting it for a second.

Haley has ramped up her personal and media appearances, and she is making sure to hit the buttons that Trump tapped into when he won in 2016.

Get the focus on Democrats and their apparent desire to destroy this country.

During a recent event at the Reagan Library, Haley accused Democrats “don’t even believe in America.”

Haley stated, “They see America’s flaws as more profound than its strengths. They deny the massive progress we’ve made, and they punish anyone who disagrees.

“They are quick to praise those who attack America, and eager to attack those who praise America.”

In her speech, there is also a great line, stating, “It’s a pandemic much more damaging than any virus.”

One of my key attacks against Democrats over the last year has been that they appear to be more interested in helping our enemies and the welfare of illegal immigrants rather than American citizens and legal residents.

During the botched Afghanistan withdrawals, that became painfully apparent as we still have Americans left behind enemy lines.

I am not saying that Haley is fully back, but she will become the leading female candidate by default if Noem falters.

While it is unlikely she would win the nomination in 2024, I see her as a significant player, possibly even a VP candidate (or Noem).

Be it Haley or Noem, they will be set up perfectly for a legitimate run at the White House in 2028 or 2032.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

    1. There was a time when Haley was governor that she was not well liked. What is your reason not to vote for her?

      1. You will have to forgive me I am up in age and the memory is not at the top of its game. As Governor of SC she took claim for bringing one of the Aircraft Companies to SC. When it was well into the works, when she came aboard. Back in 2004 Boeing. She is an opportunist. Former property owner back then.

    2. For Me,haley killed herself in January 2021 !!!!! Don’t think that there’s anything that could change my mind !!!!!!

  1. If President Trump runs and DeSantis is not interested in being his VP, I would be interested in seeing a strong, intelligent and ethical woman as the VP choice. Haley seemed to have a lot of moxy during her time as Secretary of State, so what was the real reason for her to leave that position? A lot of unanswered questions at this point.

      1. Absolutely right. Haley’s not a “natural born American” Her parents weren’t American citizens when she was born, therefore, she is Constitutionally ineligible to be President. Same holds true for VP since the VP has to be eligible to take over as President in case President becomes incapacitated.

  2. Maybe she has seen the light a People change .Not voting when you have the opportunity is not achoice

  3. Haley, like Harris and some others are not Natural Born Citiens, their parents were NOT American citizens when they were born, they are mis-applied 14th Amendment anchor babies, and Constitutionally ineligible to be pres., or, v-prez..

  4. YES – I would vote fpor Nikki Haley in a heartbeat. She stood up to the Chinese qne Russians in the u.n….no small thing for any csndidate..

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