Manchin Leaves Breakfast with Biden with No Deal in Place

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) has become a major roadblock for Joe Biden to pass his excessive spending plans.

Considering Manchin vowed to never use reconciliation for such spending before the election, Biden should be happy he has even conceded as much as he has.

Instead, the entire party has put the squeeze play on him, with Joe Biden inviting Manchin to Delaware for a Sunday breakfast to apply even more, only it did not go so well for Biden.

Thanks for the Eggs

The clock is ticking and Joe Biden was hoping to get Manchin to cave to his demands.

From the reports that are breaking, Manchin ate his breakfast and left without a deal in place for Biden.

Manchin has been under heavy pressure, reportedly getting into a nasty screaming match with Senator Sanders (I-VT), threatening to kill the entire package at one point.

As is usually the case with this administration, spin is being put on the fact Biden, once again, failed to get a fellow party member to come around to his way of thinking.

The White House characterized the meeting as “productive” and stated all parties would continue to remain in contact.

Joe Biden is hitting the road this week, but he once again has areas on the tour list that have already bought into his nonsense (he is going to New Jersey).

Biden will also head to Virginia on Tuesday for Terry McAuliffe to try to generate support for the gubernatorial election.

That will be two straight days of traveling for Joe, so we probably should not expect to see him much after that other than when he surfaces from the White House to jump on Marine One and head back to Delaware next weekend.

Source: Breitbart

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23 Responses

    1. If Biden really wanted to do something great for our country he would drop dead immediately.

  1. Biden and the Democrats spending bill will spell DOOM to this Country. Glad to see that some Democratic Party members see that and agree it is way to much.

  2. The less we see of that a hole the better the only thing I want to hear is he has been impeached or he died

  3. As he does nothing about American left behind in Afghanistan and the border crisis.he only cares to keep the coruot left in power.

  4. He is such a puppet. He and Jill just wanted to enjoy the office and admiration of the President. They had no thought of helping Americans. Just themselves. Stay in office long enough to keep from getting investigated and long enough to squirrel away tons of money. That is all they really wanted. The American people can just go to hell as far as he and Jill are concerned. Also his handlers are overjoyed at being able to get him to do and say what they want to bring down America. Where did all these unamerican people come from.

    1. Katydid, You made it crystal clear to what you wrote. I
      second your remarks.We must keep things moving!

  5. The un-Constitutionl harris is AWOL, te demented biden is out of town on a regular basis, o this leaves the illegal immigrant of Indonesian citizenship, obama as the 2 term fraud, at the helm? America we are in deep chit!

  6. For all the good this administration is doing I doubt many people will miss him, I just hope that Sen Manchin sticks to his guns and not cave in to the pressure from the left

    1. Amen ! Hope 2022 is a Disaster for the Liberals ! They Destroy Everything They Touch ! Maybe? The Return Of The Real POTUS !

  7. if Manchin kow -tows to any of that retard Biden, or that viperous pelosi, or the fool Schumer’s corrupt theft of tax-payers dollars ,Manchin should just leave his gonads on the table at that point .apparently sinema might be the one with the bigger balls

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