Noem Rips Rumors of Alleged Affair with Corey Lewandowski

Kristi Noem has emerged as one of the few women that can possibly win a presidential election on the right side of the aisle.

Ever since that has been made evident, Noem has been under attack from both sides of the aisle.

Over the last few days, she has been hit with several accusations, with the latest being an alleged affair with former Trump staffer Corey Lewandowski.

Under Attack

Lewandowski has found himself in trouble again.

A Trump donor has accused him of sexual misconduct during a recent event.

Additionally, another rumor surfaced of an alleged affair between Lewandowski and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

This comes amid yet another allegation that she strongarmed a state official to help out her daughter.

Noem has tried to put the latter to bed, insisting she never used her influence, and now she is addressing this latest rumor…

The reporter that published the story immediately responded…

I would suspect that we will see quite a bit more of this, so Noem better get some thick skin and get her defense lined up, because she is going to have to prove every one of these allegations as false if she plans on going higher than the South Dakota governor’s mansion.

Source: Fox News

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16 Responses

  1. I believe Kristi has done a great job for S. Dakota. The politicians are scared to death of anyone that’s honest and will do their best to discredit it them.

    1. These fraudulent Anti-American Democrats are worthless to the American cause, and they need to be investigated for treason and punished to the further extent of the law! We can do far better in our hiring practices!!!

    2. AMEN. We have someone that is honest and cares about America, and they are having a melt down. Stand your ground and do what is right. God has you covered..

  2. They do this always. They did it with the Republican Governor in VA when they knew he had a great chance and literally destroyed his life with stuff they do normally on a daily basis. What they charged him with was nothing compared to Hillary and Biden and yet they haven’t even been charged!

  3. You hang in there, Governor Noem. You’re someone all women can be proud of. Haters gonna hate, and democrats have become pure evil. You’re in my prayers. 🙏🙏

  4. That is precisely why a lot of Women are afraid to run for Office. Its too bad that the Democrats have to have every thing their way or its the Hiway. Law and Order here in the USA has gotten a bad rap. These Women need people to get behind them and to shut down the Cronies of all of these Democrats. Well this Administration is just like Obama: The Laws are for Thee not Me. The Rat Turd needs to be given the Boot out of the United States. If the Truth Be Known– Obummer wants a 3rd Term and if he can’t get that he wants to be on the Supreme Court. Nobody wants you any place at all. You were an Illegal President of the USA and you know that is true. You had to try and make up a Birth Certificate and then those Demo Rats managed to get one made up Legally and off and running you are. You were one of the Worst Presidents the USA ever had. You tried to bring the US to its knees and you darn near succeeded. Lots of people think that you should have been run out of the USA.

        1. obama has been very fortunate for being an illegal immigrant citizen of Indonesia, become very wealthy and known hrought the world, possibly the greatest imposter the world has ever known and should have a soros/clinton paid for statue in the middle of death valley commerate his accomplishmnt(s).
          IMO: Everything being done by the, so called democrats is ochistrated by george soros, who wants to go down in history as a nation killer, it would be his highest accomplishment, he has tried before, came close, but still seeks this notoriety, and he has bought and paid for the loyality of the criminal minds in government to do his bidding. Unfortunatly he is not alone in his quest, those with high wealth are happy to join him, not knowing the bus will find them eventually. America needs Divine help……

          1. Soros is just further up the chain of string pullers. Read RULERS OF DARKINESS EXPOSED by Damian Campbell.

      1. YES HE IS. BIDUM hasn’t got sense to come in out of the rain, much less run a country. GODS hand is going to come down hard and heavy on them. Can’t wait. Going to be a great show.

  5. Democrats invent a headline scandal that’s 99.9% false, but the headline is what the sheeple read. It’s almost as effective as if it were actually true. Remember Harry Reid telling the story that Mitt Romney didn’t pay his taxes. Totally false, but later when Harry was asked about that accusation, his reply was, “We won didn’t we”?

  6. You can count on Hillary Clinton behind all of it. Hillary Clinton couldn’t get to be President. But kristi Noen has a run for President If She Wants To in 2024.

  7. Dirty Dems! Just creating chaos to avert honesty about how corrupt the biden administration is!
    Never surprised at how low they can go!
    Kristi, we all know better than to believe fake news!

  8. This is what the Democrat Marists do. They create stories in hopes of getting rid of their competitors. Evil.

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