Cop Who Shot Jacob Blake Will NOT Face Federal Charges

The Wisconsin police officer that shot Jacob Blake just got some great news.

Officer Rusten Sheskey will NOT face federal charges for his role in the shooting of Jacob Blake.

The shooting left Blake paralyzed and created national outrage by liberals and Democrats, including Kamala Harris.

No Prosecution

The outrage over the shooting was misplaced from the outset.

This incident happened amid the outrage over the death of George Floyd, so Democrats jumped all over this as an effort to take down police officers.

Harris even visited Jacob Blake and his family, gushing over them in the media.

Everyone seemed to discount the fact that Blake had a knife and was completely ignoring commands by officers after they arrived on the scene.

The video told the true story, showing Sheskey to be extraordinarily patient and waiting until he had no other choice but to fire or risk his own life.

Harris also would have been wise to read Blake’s record because he was wanted for sexual assault at the time of the shooting.

Even so, Blake was hailed as a hero, much like George Floyd, and even more protests erupted around the country to support him.

After the investigation, there was not enough evidence to charge the officer, so the DOJ announced, “Accordingly, the review of this incident has been closed without a federal prosecution.”

Congratulations on winning your case, Officer Sheskey, but don’t sit around waiting for an apology from Harris or her fellow Democrats because it will never come.

Source: New York Post

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26 Responses

    1. Our nitwit leftists need to be sent to another nation………they would fit right in AND the US real Americans could once again be happy.

    2. right on .these demorats needs to be all put up for treason. they hate trump and they hate the united states citizens in our country. its time for them to be impeached and removed now. the people of the usa had enough of there garbage and lies.they all need to go.even better leave the country.

  1. If the police shoot and kill violent felons because they resist arrest, that is a great thing! God Bless our fine police in keeping these thugs off our streets and from hurting us!

    If you are a thug and there is a warrant for your arrest or you are caught committing a crime, just sit your butt on the ground with your hands up and surrender! If you fight and try to flee or show any weapon, we fully authorize our fine American Police officers to shoot and kill you! No questions asked. If our officers have to hold you down because you are threatening them and trying to escape and you choke to death, so be it – take this up with God and accept YOUR mistakes in life!

    No more thugs in America! God Bless our fine Police Officers.

    Now, please release Derek Chauvin and pay him for all of his legal expenses plus a few million $$ for his suffering for doing a fine job in removing George Floyd from this world!

  2. Good another loss for the Democrats.
    They are on losing streak and are
    going to lose the Mid-term Election.
    Of course they will cheat by using
    Blackmail and Bribery to win. I suggest
    have the Miltary be at every poll when
    the Ballots are being counted That’s my
    Idea of a fair count.

  3. The other good thing about this article is George Floyd is still dead, along with other criminals like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and I am sure plenty of others. See, I know their names. Made “heroes” of the Democrat party. #FJB

  4. Hasn’t anybody told these mokes that pulling a weapon on an officer is not the smartest thing to do? Kamel-Toe Harris is trying to fan the anti Police flames as usual, I’m just waiting for Al Shyster Sharpton to arrive on the scene

  5. Everyone of those that were killed by a police officer got what they deserved cause they thought they did not have to do what the officer’s asked them to do, cause they were criminals. But that’s what the dummycrats in office like to make out to be heroes instead of our police officers,

  6. I, like many, followed the events surrounding Blake’s shooting, and I must say, justice has been done. Congratulations Officer Sheskey on what should have been a slam dunk.

  7. David Dorn wasn’t doing anything and these thugs just shot him he didn’t even get a chance to use his gun. There just like Democrats they use the situation to support their crimes.

  8. The democrats love crime and hate the law. What other conclusion can we draw? They are anti-american and hate our country. Why they are still here is the question. Who keeps electing these thugs.

  9. If you are not white and do not obey the reasonable request of an officer of the law, you are not responsible for your actions and become a hero when the officer has to defend himself. This applies even if you are a known criminal with a record and are carrying a weapon, and are disobeying the law.

  10. Should have been decided in 30 seconds.
    This criminal punk got exactly what he deserved. Breaking the law , ignoring law enforcement, & going to his car to grab a weapon. He had a death wish & the Police didn’t grant him his wish, but saved other people from getting hurt by this POS.

  11. When we as a society realize everything the leftists do is meant to destroy the USA then their actions will make sense. We need to be equally zealous in our desire to protect our country.

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