Jim Jordan: Nothing Makes Sense

Lies, nonsense, fabrications… call it whatever you want, but that is what is coming out of the White House on all fronts right now.

The American people are being lied to and far too many mainstream media outlets are complicit.

Many of those lies are now coming to roost, and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is happy to point them all out.

Nothing Makes Sense

Allies left behind.

Americans left behind.

Dead American soldiers.

Planes being blocked that are carrying Americans.

If you listen to CNN, MSNBC, and the White House, you probably don’t know half of what is really going on right now.

Jordan is trying to change that, stating, “I’m thinking about the president, 13 service members killed, Americans left behind, allies left behind, billions of dollars of equipment left behind, some of the Afghans coming who haven’t been properly vetted, he calls that an ‘extraordinary success.’

“I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when terrorists, people who have been let go and everything else, are running the very organization that this State Department and this administration is trying to negotiate with.”

He added, “Nothing that this administration does makes any sense, so while it’s frightening, while it’s scary, frankly, it’s not surprising.”

Jordan dropped some true bombshells in the interview, which you can see in full in the video below…

Source: Newsmax & Fox News

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20 Responses

  1. This can all be traced to our last election where a politician with apparently minimal public support suddenly finds millions of votes to promote his election. All very crooked. Joe Biden is NOT my president.

    1. Jo, Ho, General Milley sec of state blink a lot and the whole cabinet, many in congress by not standing upall betraying America. Instead of a government we have a criminal cartel – 20 percent kick back for all deals.

  2. Biden and his buffoons are setting the stage for an invasion and takeover by a foreign power. They must be stopped now.

  3. At some point you need to ask yourself, WHO IS ACTUALLY IN CHARGE? BIDEN can’t even field simple questions without prior warning and a “cheat sheet”, and his excuses have run the gamut from “TRUMP DID IT”, TO EVERYTHING IS HUNKY DORY”! Meanwhile, MCCOLLUM is too lazy to pursue impeachment because it isn’t a “slam dunk” and MCCARTHY will not even bar CHENEY from attending GOP National Committee meetings, or WHAT GOP PARTY MEMBERS WANT, TO KICK CHENEY AND KINZINGER OUT OF THE PARTY! I continue to push my Congressional Reps to launch a bill to reinstate TRUMP’S CCR, (Contingency and Crisis Response) which is designed to help US EXPATS around the world in times of crisis. BIDEN AXED THAT AS SOON AS HE GOT INTO OFFICE! At least we would know how many Americans are in Afghanistan and how to contact them! Here in TAIWAN, our AIT simply responds that there is “no such program” and we are basically “on our own.” I have never felt so abandoned as an American living here in Taiwan before in my life! If the GOP sponsors such a bill, PELOSI will block it, but at that point, THE DEMS NEED TO EXPLAIN WHY AMERICANS LIVING ABROAD SHOULD HAVE NO SUPPORT FROM THEIR GOVERNMENT OF CITIZENSHIP. LIKE EVERY OTHER COUNTRY N THE PLANET!

    1. Amen, but there is not leadership or men in my estimate in senate or house. no fighters and generals that should be in the brigade for life. We don’t have a country we have a terrorist gang

  4. Biden and those behind him, have a Big Problem … they leave jobs unfinished!!!!!! I thought as kids they got that lesson either in school and or with their parents! They need a visual of what this is … dress half way, eat half of their meal, drive half way to an event, sleep on half of the hours needed!, Etc. Very Sad that this supposed president (I can’t capitalize president) and the ‘gang’ behind them are harming lives, even themselves… but they don’t recognize it. They continue to call good as evil and evil as good!

  5. I agree with these statements. MY biggest concern is that the REAL problems are yet to come…and BEFORE the 2022 election! The liberals will make a BIG push to liberalize our government before the election or some how delete conservative’s votes…and their big push is to change the number and face of the Supreme Court. I pray that the majority of US citizens will WAKE UP before we have to “remember the USA” as history. I KNOW it can be done but WILL it(?) with the young adults of today? Do they pay attention and do they value the US enough? I’m not talking about my children’s age – those in their 40s but ones in their 20+…it must be what my grand parents thought when looking at my generation of the 60s…

  6. This country is finished and as long as these American hating Demonrats are in control and all we can do is whine about it, just keep resisting

    1. Yes, the problems of the UnitedStates are greater than created solely by idiot biden. Those who voted for him are the real causes of the problems that we are now experiencing in the USA. These voters are not clear thinkers and have never studied nor understood American history and the magnificent US Constitution. Public schools, colleges and universities have become cesspools instead of sacred and unbiased places of learning, i.e. those who voted for loser joe are just plain dumb.

  7. Flag burners have to be really dumb time for them to be exiled to a communist countries. If you don’t agree with or understand this statement you need some true history lessons on how this country was established.

  8. Blocking planes from leaving Afghanistan for lack of paper work while this communist democrat cult party allows an open southern border is as asinine as it gets!
    REMOVE ALL of these communist democrat cult party members from ALL offices ! ! ! ! !! !

  9. Call me to pull the pin on the trap door! I will fit it in next week or are they just going to run their mouths about it

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