NY Dem Calls Out Hunter Biden and Involvement in Burisma

Max Rose, a former New York Democrat House member, is swimming upstream.

He is the first Democrat I can recall that is putting it on the line to call out Joe and Hunter Biden.

Rose even went so far as to say the New York Post got a “raw deal” for how it was characterized in covering the Hunter laptop story.

Raw Deal

Rose is not only a former House member but also served in Biden’s administration for a brief time.

He was a senior adviser to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on COVID-19.

He is also a veteran who served in Afghanistan.

Rose stated, “There is no doubt in my mind that what Hunter Biden did was wrong, being on the Burisma board and engaging in whatever else he dealt with.

He was also a bit critical of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, stating, “There’s no doubt that the actual execution of the withdrawal was tragic in nature.

“It was difficult to see.”

Rose is making headlines because he wants back into the House, and he knows that to do that, he will have to take a more moderate stance.

The seat he used to occupy is now held by a Republican, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.).

To that point, Rose is taking shots at his fellow Democrats who are running away from fights against Republicans.

He stated, “What kind of message does it send when Democrats run away to different districts because they think having to earn the votes of Republicans and independents means their political career is over?

“If we can only win in seats where Joe Biden won by more than 10 points, then we will never build the coalition we need to end gun violence, protect a woman’s right to choose, and make this country affordable.

“And frankly, the Democratic Party doesn’t deserve to win if it’s willing to give up earning the trust of every American.”

Rose is also in favor of hardening schools, a policy most Democrats are keeping distance from at the time.

He is taking the right approach, but will it be enough to take a seat away from a Republican when the GOP has every bit of momentum right now?

I guess we will find out soon enough.

Source: Washington Examiner

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3 Responses

  1. commie democrats might have a chance if they stop drinking the commie kool aid after they detox they might have a brain cell or 2.

  2. biden talks up revolution on national TV, joe biden flying around the county talking up revolution on the jimmy Kimball show, of course on the tax payer dime, probably staying at hunters beach house paid for with art sales, sure, not their chinese friends. The tax payer foots the bill again, this is only going to last as long as you put of with this sxxx..The corrupt democrat machine, the walls are closing in. These crazy democrats have to go, the democrat biden recession is here, interest rates are rising, energy rates are rising, food cost keep rising, inflation is still rising, medical rates are rising, everything cost more, clothing cost more, transportation cost more, get these fxxxing crazy democrats out of office before a total depression happens..tax and spend, tax and spend, enhance your own pockets, fxxx the tax payer, corruption corruption corruption,the new battle cry for these democrats. the mid terms are almost here vote them out keep them out, they just can’t govern. Look how much money the bidens have made off of china. They are trying to deflect their incompetence in government and of course cover over the real issues of real corruption. Midterms ar getting closer, vote them out, jail those who lied to congress and have returns returned that was stolen from taxpayers, biden wants too talks up revolutions, give him one at the polls.

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