NYC Mayor de Blasio Announced Vaccine Mandates for Private Businesses

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is officially on the clock, but that has not stopped him from trying to make a big splash.

De Blasio has expressed interest in the gubernatorial election, and it would appear that he is using the city of New York’s business owners to gain some traction.

Mayor de Blasio has announced the “first-in-the-nation” vaccine mandates for private companies.

Mixed Reactions

With slightly more than three weeks left in office, most expected de Blasio to mail it in and allow Mayor-elect Eric Adams to deal with any vaccine issues.

Instead, de Blasio issued an order that surprised the entire nation, especially business owners in New York City, that this mandate would impact the most.

The new mandate will require all workers in the private sector to be vaccinated by December 27.

There is NO testing option available, even for those that have recovered and have active antibodies for the virus.

The feedback was mixed at best.

Some in the liberal horde were okay with the decision, wanting to see people take the jab regardless of how they feel about it.

The pushback was all along the same lines, “people have to have a choice.”

In addition to businesses, children over the age of five must also be vaccinated.

Forcing medicine on children is probably not a wise move, especially when you consider how little impact this virus has had on younger children.

One resident stated, “I think it’s pretty well known that [COVID-19 is] not a big threat to children of that age, so to force the vaccine on people that young is a bit crazy.”

With Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates already being challenged in the courts, I see this getting challenged right out of the gate.

This is clearly de Blasio trying to make a splash for higher office, but this is also the definition of government overreach.

Let’s hear from our New York readers… will you respect this mandate or fight it?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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16 Responses

    1. Agree. I hope De Blasio gets SLAMMED with lawsuits. He is such an arrogant SOB. The mandate is UNLAWFUL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL, both of which De Blasio has no knowledge of. He is guilty of Treason; Crimes against Humanity and should be charged and removed from office.

  1. The reason he wasn’t reelected is the same reason he won’t make it any higher in “public service”, he thinks he knows what’s best for everyone and he doesn’t care what you think.
    Another example of tone deaf, arrogant, sleazy, power hungry, democrats.
    WIIFM (what’s in it for me) is deBlasios’ mantra. Screw the American people, screw small business, screw everyone, just give me what I want!
    New York, is this what you want?
    If not, you know what to do in the upcoming elections 😉

  2. with the crime rate exploding in new york and business shuttering and leaving every day, it makes perfect sense for the mayor to prioritize something so useful as vaccine mandates,

  3. I think maybe those fools who voted in the likes of this blasio, biden and the Constitutionally ineligible harris should just look at this as a extension of their “free benefits”, LMAO!

  4. can hardly believe any NYC business owners would back him after he and Cuomo let NYC businesses be looted and burned when they could easily have been saved.Coupled with defunding police and an insane bail reform,crime in NYC has skyrocketed.Run for gov.??hahahahahahahahaha!

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