Obama Ripped for Mentioning George Floyd Amid Uvalde School Shooting

The ignorance of Barack Obama was on full display in the wake of the tragic mass shooting in Uvalde.

With nearly two dozen dead, most of them children, Obama sent out a disgusting tweet.

Rather than stay focused on the children, he decided to bring up George Floyd, and he was absolutely crushed for it.

What Was He Thinking?

Obama made the mistake of thinking that he spoke for everyone regarding the death of George Floyd.

George Floyd was a lifelong criminal and drug addict.

And while he did not deserve to die that way, let’s face it, he would have met his death sooner rather than later with the lifestyle he was leading.

He had enough drugs in his system on the day of his death to put down an elephant.

The children that died in Uvalde were innocent, and they surely did not deserve the fate that awaited them.

For some reason, Obama thought this was appropriate…

Rest assured, George Floyd’s death has not stayed with me at all, be that cold-hearted or not to say, it is a fact.

I am still more upset about the rioting that took place than I am of that man heading to the grave.

Obama’s tweet was met with much criticism…

And here is another…

Shockingly, there was even an editorial in the Wall Street Journal that took exception to what Obama sent out.

The WSJ responded, “Leave it to the former president to demonize his political opponents in the wake of an act of madness. But note his default to ‘action, any kind of action.’ Anything apparently will do as long as it offers the self-satisfaction that we are doing something, even if it turns out to be futile or counter-productive.”

It continued, “We are fated to have another debate on gun control because half of American politics will insist on it. By all means have at it. But anyone who thinks gun laws will end mass shootings in America isn’t paying attention to the much larger problem of mental illness and the collapse of cultural guardrails.”

It is good to know that Obama puts the loss of life of those innocent children at the hands of a madman on par with the death of George Floyd. That should make the liberal horde very proud.

Sources: Newsmax & New York Post

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24 Responses

    1. right on obama was another low life president just likehis friend joe biden two worse presidents there both a disgrace obama compared george floyd death to these 10 children and 2 teachers that died for nothing. what a waste obama and joe biden they all need to be impeached. the whole demorat party.god help us.amen.

      1. I agree 100%. They are both a waste of oxygen. And now add Chuck Schumer and of course there is always Nancy.

    2. He is one of the main characters behind the curtain bossing Biden, which is very easy due to no brained Biden and Biden being an illegally elected president thru theift of fake ballots. Hay Barry, you had you eight years, now a shadow plan for two more so get you ash out and please disappear back to your ill-gotten castle.

    1. your absolutly right tim.obama should be ashamed of comparing george floyd to these 19 children and 2 teachers death.he is a disgrace.

  1. Just goes to show you what is on OBAMMY’S MIND! Not innocent
    children…but life long criminals!

  2. Obama is as clueless as the rest of the leftists. George Floyd was an addicted thug who the left tried to make a martyr out of. These angelic children should NEVER have their names mentioned with his. How low can you go Obama?

  3. Obama and the rest of the sickies still trying to polarize the American people in the most horrific way using this horrible actions of a sick young man and the beautiful young lives lost are disgusting….unbelievable

  4. What a Stupid idiot
    NO comparison
    Druggie, Thug, Real Bad Guy , always in trouble with the law
    made out to be something he was not
    and God Struck the evil morial of him with lighning strike to let you know what a lie it was

    crucified the police for doing thier Job

    dealing with gangs, thugs, evil in the streets

    and you want patty cake , cup cakes

    get a clue

  5. It seems as though Obama fails to realize that being an Honor Student does not necessarily make you an HONORABLE man. Wait until proof of exactly who is behind the curtain in Biden’s incompetent state ……….

  6. Well when a muslin hates America you can see where he comes from.. As a anti American you can not think you are going to do the right thing … as he does not believe in GOD !!! But as usual he is a super Democrat,who believe HE IS THEIR GOD. HOE STUPID CAN YOU BE………………

  7. It’s more important to remember a criminal and a drug addict than remember murdered children. That’s the priority of the dems and always has been. WAKE up America.

  8. Obama is a low life SOB. He started the divide of our country. Biden is just taking a leaf from his book. He and that wife of his are the cause of everything that is happening now!!!

  9. CJ IS ‘SPOT ON’. Yep, this all started with O-bum-a, the un-American faux president. First thing he did upon entering the Office of President was his World-Tour apologizing to other countries for our ‘bad-deeds’ (what ever the he!! he believed them to be) AND DECLARING TO THE WORLD THAT WE WERE NO LONGER A CHRISTIAN NATION. This incompetent P.O.S. is an EVIL BEING and BOZO-BIDEN IS now proving to be his EQUAL!!!! SICK BUSTARDS ALL!!!!!! (mis-sp. intentional)

  10. Stop..!!!! Pointing the camera in this Idiot’s
    face and remind him he is no longer a
    matter of relevance in any way.
    He had 8 years to bring his dream of a
    total transition into play and it has now
    at the point that Murder has become a
    form of recreation in Obama’s now
    totally divided Nation Ran by just one
    more Idiot.

  11. There is a day soon coming when the likes of the illegitimate Nigerian WILL BE PUT DOWN!!!!
    I am a veteran who took an oath against “all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC”.
    THAT OATH IS NEVER ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NIGERBAMA and his ilk will be CLEANSED FROM OUR LAND!!!!!!!!!!
    TO ARMS, AMERICA!!!!!!! Time to clean up the place!

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