Oil Supply from Strategic Reserves Sent Overseas, Including China

The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is just that, an emergency reserve for the United States.

This is not oil that is to be shipped elsewhere, generally only used in times of war or when production has been shut down for some emergency reason.

Joe Biden has been releasing one million barrels a day as a way to lessen the price of gasoline.

That measure has been mostly ineffective, but he has also been doing something else with the oil.

According to a Reuters report, Biden sent five million barrels of crude overseas, including China.

No Idea

United States crude inventories are at their lowest levels since 2004 overall.

The Strategic Reserve is at its lowest level since 1986.

The release of the oil more or less offset the oil we were getting from Russia, which debunks Biden’s narrative that Russia is responsible for higher gasoline prices here in the United States.

All that aside, with Americans getting crushed at the pump, why is Joe sending our emergency oil overseas, especially to China, of all places.

When the White House was asked about the report, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre continued her disastrous run of responses by saying she was unaware of it…

Republican leadership is livid, stating, “China ramped up its purchases of crude oil from Russia and the United States to boost its own reserves, even as oil prices surged and President Biden called for a coordinated release.

“China is reportedly in talks with Russia to buy even more oil for its strategic reserves, while the United States and the E.U. pledged to ban Russian imports.

“As a result, China may now control the world’s largest stockpile of oil, with total crude inventories estimated at 950 million barrels.”

So, once again, Biden has made a move that has given China even more leverage than it had over us before.

Source: Daily Caller

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32 Responses

  1. Wake UP
    See what this Evil Villiage Idiot is Doing
    Collapsing your system for poverty

    you will own nothing , and live in the streets as the pesants like the democrat agenda wants

    your money will fail

    1. I agree. He has been a China stoogie from his first day in office. Can’t someone stop him before it gets really serious?

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  2. “This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.”

    WHEN WILL YOU SICK BASTARDS WAKE UP AND POST THE TRUTH ?????????????????????????????????

    1. What part of Biden and his administration sending our emergency researve oil to China do you claim is false? What part of Biden and administration destroying this country, do you claim is false????? They should be at the very least be in jail! At best, they should be tried for treason! And treason’s penalty is death!!


  4. “This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.”
    Why don’t you post a LIST of all the EVIL words that trigger your sensitive little algorithms ?????????

    1. John R. DeJulius : The problem with this site is that the people running it have submitted to Google for their “rules of forbidden words” and their “reCAPTCHA protection !” That is a GREAT problem on MANY sites! Until Conservative sites use Conservative support mechanisms, this problem will continue. It is no “mystery” as to why your comments have trouble getting posted : they are opposed by the Leftists who are “overseeing” this and numerous other similar sites! You know, like using George Soros backed “fact checkers,” such as Snopes and Wikipedia, etc.!

  5. This’s outrageous we’ve a treasonous traitor unlawful clown head to functioning in our country doing everything to criminalize advances truly like a father like a son exactly full loads of criminal intense throw him to jail him to dead without sympathy !


    1. Amen to that. I agree completely. His administration is even worse than that of Jimmy Carter.

  7. That is an act of treason. For goodness sake why isn’t the media outraged. Once again the politicians even ignore it by just saying they didn’t know anything about it. Half of the population has heard about it but no one in the news media or in Washington has heard about it. I guess they are still on vacation. I’ve never heard seen anything like this before when a president aids an enemy of the country. Only when Benedict Arnold betrayed us but he wasn’t president and most Americans will probably not even know anything about him because history isn’t being taught anymore because the woke generation feels it’s racist. Another example of screw the Americans and let them rot but they will be asking for your donations to get them re-elected.

  8. This is surprising?? We all know that Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family have become billionaires on Treason money from China. So he has to deliver on his paid promises to them. This is what happens when an illegitimate President who commits treason is allowed to remain in office. He commit treason before election, what is wrong with the DOJ in this country??? You allowed a man and his mafia crime family to commit treason against this country and be sworn in as President of the US??? Where is accountability and lawfulness??? This corrupt criminal is destroying our America and being protected from any consequences of his treason??? God help us!!! What is going to have to happen to bring about removal of this criminal from our government and prosecution of all involved?? It is time for ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!

    1. Obviously, the Federal Judicial System is as corrupt as the Biden family. They had Hunter Biden’s laptop in their possession months before the 2020 election and they hid it from the voters so Biden would win. Only with a Biden win could political corruption continue and career politicians continue to become billionaires through favors with taxpayers money. Trump would have put an end to political corruption so the corrupt had to put an end to Trump.

  9. the whole news media and all the ones in Government under Joe should be removed from office and put in Jail until they can be tried for Treason.

  10. I know we have a lot of very intelligent people out there in significant positions to correct the present-day situation created by Basement Joe and his comrades so let’s take action now before it is too late. We are the leading country in our world today so I cannot imagine us siting on our backsides and letting our corrupt administration lead us through the valley of death and destruction. The DNC is so criminal, if nothing else works then we need a civil war and drag them out of DC for good. They are placing all of us in peril.

  11. i have said from day one. that biden and the dnc is bought and owned by CHINA, now look at all of there actions.it is so clear even a bland person can see it

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  13. The NWO agenda goals purpose is to destroy America – ANY WAY POSSIBLE & that is what treasonous biden does every day & just anything he can slip through , against America .

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  15. He was put into office to sell us out to China and Russia . Who ever was the highest bidder got to ruin this nation. He is a traitor and a viper. He needs to be impeached and thrown out of office and the vice president is no better. She and her goons need to go to. We need to stop him now. Not later when we are at war with China and they have all our oil.

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