Omar Goes Ballistic After Boebert Floor Speech

Rep. Boebert (R-CO), in her defense of Rep. Gosar (R-AZ), called out several House Democrats.

She hammered Rep. Swalwell (D-CA) for sleeping with the enemy.

She also hit Rep. Omar (D-MN) for her “brother-husband,” as well as calling her out for being a member of the “jihad squad.”

In response, Omar went absolutely ballistic on Boebert.


When I heard the words leaving Boebert’s mouth, I knew there would be massive pushback from the left.

This was her speech…

Ilhan Omar responded on Twitter as well…

Omar has been dumping all over this country since she entered it, and she has been on a mission to change the very heart of this country since entering Congress.

Omar can act as outraged as she likes, but Boebert hit the nail on the head in both cases.

Source: Fox News

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37 Responses

    1. The whole purpose of marrying her brother was to circumvent immigration laws. To prevent immigration authorities from deporting him, she married her brother. She has broken a few more laws than that yet there has not been one disciplinary action against Omar. Omar needs to be removed from Congress and blocked from holding any future political office at any level of government.

    2. Omar needs to stop acting like she is so innocent. She isn’t she is failed to stop paying her brother under the table and acting like he was her Husband. Sounds a little like a Pelosi wannabe.

  1. Inbred towel head Omar , who they say bangs her brother , is a DISGRACE to have a seat in OUR government !!! The people of Minnesota , in her counties , are as much of a DISGRACE for putting her there !!!

    1. The district Omar represents is made up in great part by cult of Islam folk many of whom do not speak English.

    2. Bob, one little correction. That isn’t a towel wrapped around her head. It is a small cloth sheet. The proper title that you would use is Little Sheet Head.”

  2. Omar committed fraud by marrying her brother to get into the country. She has committed a crime and should have never been permitted to run for office. I don’t see how they can censor her for telling the truth. This proves a deep corruption in the Democratic party.

  3. I believe the democrats have metastatic brain cancer. What else would cause such deranged thinking process. What country? What plant? Where did their behavior come from? Why are they so angry, so malicious, sooo out of control? There needs to be consequences for all this. I wonder if Joe Q Citizen can take them to court?

  4. The democratic party is now the communist party. Make no mistake about it America. It’s time for all of us to stand up and be heard. Action speaks louder than words! Your days are numbered, you communist bastards! The revolution is near!

  5. WHOA, guess my original post was one not liked and was censored. WHOA don’t go ballistic on me.

  6. Rep. Boebert is absolutely RIGHT ON THE MONEY! She should have had more time to speak so she could have mentioned tlaib, cortez, pressley, schiff, nadler, pelosi and many others!

  7. If her sharia law was infect she would have been stoned to death or beheaded that could be a good thing for a few days. Just 2 days

  8. Ilam Omar is a terrorist sympathizer and criminal and most likely a traitor. She has no place in congress or the country in my opinion

  9. Democrats prepare to face the truth !
    The left is stupid and violent like a retarded primate.
    People won’t live in captivity !
    The New Democrat rules won’t fly !
    It’s Republican down the ticket !
    No more losers in government !

  10. Omar ! What new species of desert lice was smuggled into Minneapolis !
    Her nap rug is a must wear !!
    It prevents horny men from taking her !
    It didn’t work for her white Married BF !
    The DOJ is politically motivated !
    Democrats have corrupted the FBI !

  11. FJB, The jihad squad!, And 17 US intelligence agencies colluding with communist ! All Democrats are traitors
    2022 will right the ship
    2024 will Make America Great Again !!!
    Jan 6 riots were staged !
    Nancy was in on it !

  12. She speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but THE TRUTH !!!!! And yet, nothing will happen about it. These DEMON RATS ARE OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!

  13. America has giving Omar so much but she continues to crap on our great county. If she hates America so much, they please leave. Kick her tail out of congress.

  14. SHEESH WTF??? Get rid of that raghead for crying out loud, this foreigner S/B out NOW WTF??? are they waiting for LMFAO!!!

  15. This ILLEGAL Muslim needs to be sent back to where ever she came from, she sure as hell should NOT be in any position to make laws in this country, the country that she Hates so much

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