Omar Tells Schumer to ‘Ignore’ Senate Parliamentarian

Congress has rules, and those rules must be followed.

Now, we know both parties stretch them to the limits, especially when it comes to including things in budgetary bills that should not be there.

That is where the Senate parliamentarian comes in, to ensure those rules are not stretched too far.

It is those very rules that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is asking Senator Schumer (D-N.Y.) to violate.

Omar Needs to Go

The statement made by Rep. Omar regarding the ruling by the Senate parliamentarian is an absolute disgrace.

This safeguard ensures legislative rules are followed, and ignoring this order is simply unacceptable, yet that is what she is calling for…

Is this shortsightedness of Democrats?

It is a power play?

Is it a move being made simply because they know they will never be called out by the media when Republicans would get destroyed for such a move?

Even the suggestion of ignoring the order by a Republican would have the likes of Jim Acosta blowing a gasket.

To this point, the Democrats have stated they will respect the ruling.

Having said that, even the White House is encouraging Schumer and his fellow Democrats to figure out a workaround on this.

After the ruling was announced, the White House stated, “The President has made very clear that he supports efforts by Congress to include a pathway to citizenship in the reconciliation package and is grateful to Congressional leadership for all of the work they are doing to make this a reality.

“The Parliamentarian’s ruling is deeply disappointing but we fully expect our partners in the Senate to come back with alternative proposals for the Parliamentarian to consider.”

Schumer added, “Senate Democrats have prepared alternate proposals and will be holding additional meetings with the Senate parliamentarian in the coming days.”

Eight million illegal immigrants getting amnesty… that is the number one priority of Democrats right now… digest that.

Source: Fox News

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19 Responses

  1. ” We will destroy America without firing a shot ” . Whether this quote is true or not , I have heard it , or some form of it all my life . Now , more than ever , thanks to the closet commies in our government , I fear this could could be true . This needs to be stopped now , before it gets a better foothold .

    1. Totally agree this country is about to turn into a third world country right under our noses!!! DON’T LET THIS CONTINUE STOP THE ILLEGAL MIGRATION NOW OUR GOVERNMENT SURE ISN’T GOING TO THEY WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I would care less if I read in the paper I^l^h^a^n O^m^a^r and her corrupt buddies in Congress were term limited by good heart attacks, strokes, or high speed drunk driver collisions.

    1. Send her BACK to where she CAME FROM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are stoned to death for infidelity !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. They are all crooks and they all must go period, breaking rules is a crime ! Finding ways around is a crime ! They are sticking we the American people with these bills to pay and we have no money to pay for their spending and taxes. Maybe they can find a way to dig deep into their own pockets and pay for what they are spending. Americans are sick and tired of their weakness and crimes. They break the rules they pay for it. The Dems need to stop playing their dirty games. Straighten up or get out ! The Dems are making America fall not great but FALL !!! WE CANNOT TAKE ANYMORE ABUSE.

  3. The whack jobs should never have been elected ,but it just proves how ignorantly stupid some of our fellow Amerikans are .You get what you vote for. God help us as the rising Generation takes over this duty.

  4. Maybe it’s time (for a change) for our congress to put the welfare of it’s OWN citizens ahead of anyone else. Our economy is down – Wall Street just took a crash, businesses are being put out of business with all these regulations the democrats are forcing down our throats, people are leaving the jobs rather than take the vaccine that Biden has decided must be mandated (never mind “my body, my choice”) I’m pretty sure that the supreme court, if it ever gets that far, will rule that it’s unconstitutional, but hey, they never stops democrats. We appear to be cowards now with the rest of the world as we leave behind our citizens and allies in Afghanistan. The rest of the world is laughing at us. North Korea is back to threatening us, China has become allies with Afghanistan, Russia has a new weapon. Islam (90% of the middle east) wants to destroy all Jews, Israel and the USA. Our allies don’t trust us after the fiasco in Afghanistan. We are a mess on every front (except maybe welfare, where we are probably ahead of most other countries) and this doesn’t even take into account the border crisis. Just how far do we have to go down this fubar before someone does something about it?

    1. We need to replace all these Rep. and Senators and start over but where do you find good honest men and women anymore. All so dishonest makes me sick at my stomach frightened for my grandchildren and Great.
      George Soros, Bernie Sanders, and many more are at the root of destroying our Country all need to be hung for TREASON.
      How do we the People get them to listen? There is many good thoughts on this page today.

  5. I don’t even know how she got in this country that’s not true I’m sure it was Obama but to be in any govt position should be outlawed ! She hates America and we hate her so why don’t they send her back to her country r a country and flag she likes . Get her out of this country she should be in jail she’s a pd Soros person I’m sure !
    Lock her up with the rest of the Marxist regime !

  6. No…its not Biden wanting this. Its Pisslosi and her bunch. Biden doesn’t even know where he is 99% of time

  7. This whack job does not have a clue, she had to be elected fraudulently! Maybe you can ignore whomever you want to ignore where she comes from and clearly she needs to go back, but in America she needs to learn the rules. She needs to be ousted for treason!

  8. Ignore the rules, why have them to begin with???? No rules, society will be running wild–One party in control and then a new party takes over and rules change again. Rules apply to all citizens whoever party is in control.

  9. Omara and Obama should be in jail for treason! They both hate America even Michele Obama hates it. Omara and Obama are members of the Muslin Brotherhood. Obama is not even a legal citizen of USA, yet he conwed his way into President!

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