Trump Touts Operation Warp Speed for Possibly Saving ‘100 Million’ People

Joe Biden and Democrats continue to ignore any role that Trump played in addressing the pandemic.

So, Trump is in full campaign mode and starting to ring the bell on what his administration accomplished on this front.

While he may be exaggerating the numbers, there is no mistaking that if Trump had not approved Operation Warp Speed, many more people would have died from COVID.

I’ll Get My Credit

If Joe Biden really wanted to get more people vaccinated, he would have extended an olive branch to Donald Trump and given him his due regarding Operation Warp Speed.

I may be incorrect, but I can only think of one time when Biden acknowledged the work done by the Trump administration on this front, but he did not even use Trump’s name.

If memory serves, he merely stated, “the previous administration.”

So, now Trump is taking matters into his own hands, telling Fox News, “I think if we didn’t come up during the Trump administration with the vaccine, you could have 100 million people dead, just like you had in 1917.

“You take the Spanish Flu, 100 million people, up to 100 million people, died. I think we’d be in that territory.”

Not surprisingly, Democrats and the media do not look at it that way, blaming Trump for every one of the 600,000+ deaths in the country from COVID, which is utterly ridiculous.

Trump also stated that he does not support mandatory vaccine programs, stating, “I really believe in somebody’s choice, somebody’s freedom.

“I’m a big fan of our freedoms, and people have to make that choice for themselves.”

With possible school shutdowns also being discussed, Trump addressed that issue as well.

He stated, “The schools have to open. These young people are losing a big part of their life and they’re not going to recover from it.

“What they’re going through socially, I mean, they are not dealing with people. … It’s going to leave a scar on their lives.

“It’s going to leave a psychological scar.”

That statement will hit home with a lot of parents, especially now with mask mandates possibly being implemented in schools with Biden’s full backing.

Source: New York Post

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13 Responses

  1. BUMBLING BIDEN inherited the fastest, most advanced system for developing vaccines ever attempted, PRESIDENT TRUMP’S OPERATION WARP SPEED. AND HE HAS STILL SCREWED IT UP!!! If it weren’t for President Trump, we would right now be suffering with the Obama/Biden model of “wait and see what happens” that they employed in the H1N1 FAILURE. Hundreds of thousands more would be dead right now, and we would still be cowering in our houses heading for bankruptcy. BIDEN IS A TOTAL FAILURE AS A PRESIDENT, JUST LIKE WE KNEW HE WOULD BE!!

    1. If Biteme would had been in the WH when this virus first came out we would have no vaccine at all. Biteme needs to be put 6 feet under and the sooner the better. His HO of a Vice president is way to busy being in the closet, on her knees getting a mouth full.

  2. President Trump was on course to really make America great again .Then Biden got in and with Pelosi and congress lead our country down the drain . Even if Trump gets re-elected I don’t think he will be able to turn all the errors that Biden made around in time .At this point if the dems stay in power I will volunteer to go to Mars if Musk will have me.

  3. I wish I knew what the American people who voted for biden were thinking. even with their cheating the dems should have lost the last election by up to and above TWO HUNDRED VOTES. In other words even with their cheating we should have seen a real landside with enouth votes to ofset their cheating

    1. I feel that this pandemic was planned starting in 2016 after President Trump won. The FBI. CIA, DOJ and all the other Federal agencies are the enemy of the people and they don’t care. The Republican Politicians are nothing but cowards. All they do is text, mail and call asking for money. For ONCE I would like to see the Republican Politicians stand in unity against the Democrats.

  4. Oh, and let’s not forget Biden running on “It’s Trump’s vaccine, I wouldn’t trust it” Isn’t this lack of enthusiasm for getting vaccinated a result of making campaign statements like that? I’d say good for Biden, he’s reaping the rewards of what he sowed.

  5. The vaccine was always there for any American that wanted it.
    Trump ordered it and got it out in warp speed. He had it organized to hit all states in record time.
    When the Biden regime took over, they were like deer in the headlights. It took them months to understand the logistics in the dissemination of the vaccine. (not the brightest)
    To make matters worse Biden/Harris brought in migrants across the borders with many types of diseases, most of all Covid. Then they saw that the RED states handled the covid problem much better than the blue states and they decided to flood the RED states with Covid carrying migrants during the night letting them run rampant. Biden/Harris are still flooding the US with Covid carrying migrants while we are being punished by being told to Mask-up and Lock-down. Biden wants to kill off Americans and Control everything!

  6. Fund the Police Close our borders Get our kids Back in school maskless Do not vax our Children Reopen the pipe line Finish our wall and paint it These are all the things I would like to see happen And of course Bring Back Trump!!!!

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