Republican Governor Considering Redistricting to Oust Rep. Jim Jordan

With a Republican governor in place, one would think that Republican members of Congress would be safe from redistricting that could cost them a seat.

This would be especially true when the party’s majority is at stake in the House.

That, however, is the exact scenario Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) now finds himself.

What is Going On?

Ohio will play a key role in whether Republicans are able to take a majority back in the House during the 2022 elections.

For some reason, the powers that be in Ohio are thinking about handing the entire state over to Democrats.

Governor Mike DeWine, Auditor Keith Faber, and Secretary of State Frank LaRose, all Republicans, are considering redrawing district lines ahead of the 2022 mid-term elections.

The proposal being considered would give Democrats a significant advantage.

Even more shocking is Jim Jordan could find himself without a seat if they go forward with their plan.

The new districting could flip four or five perennial red seats blue, including Jordans.

The reason? Many believe this is a direct hit against pro-Trump Republicans by establishment Republicans.

A senior GOP aide stated, “This would be Speaker Pelosi’s dream map in Ohio and severely impact Republicans’ chances at retaking the House majority.”

Perhaps now we know why House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) has been so confident about keeping the House in 2022.

Source: Breitbart

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35 Responses

  1. Turn coat Republican’s. Their really disgusting Democrats in Republican party. This country is being torn apart by anti Americans who just want to get everything for nothing. Wake up people this country is going to be a third world country as its going.

    1. Agree completely Mr. Robert! thanks for the post and hope other Republicans will take this into consideration….

    2. Not far from it…as far as reputation? Gone! America became laughing stock for the world.
      I am former political refugee from E. Europe, speak 6 languages and wrote my warnings
      already under B.O. era, when all this started by brainwashing children at schools. Here we go!
      It is important to teach history as it really was!
      Just comparing Russia and E. Europe how it looked like : 1946-1990
      and today… Hell and Heaven would be just right description!

  2. I’m Done, these politicians are not MY , choice !
    Moving ahead both parties are out of their freaking minds,!!!
    Damn it , I’m not participating in either parties elections, I want a new party , The AMERICAN PARTY, tired of these fools!!!

  3. KASICH has been against his own party since Trump won, I’m not surprised they’re selling this out probably taking millions from Pelosi and her friend George Soros

  4. The Dems have deep pockets, in part thanks to the devil Soros. Methinks me smells a bribe. And one that is of mega bucks. There is no other explanation for the Republicans in power in the State of Ohio doing this. Guess they want to become multimillionaires like the Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens through such underhanded shenanigans. There is NO other explanation for this!! The ones who want to make this change are certainly not patriotic Americans.

  5. Pull your head out of your Rino butt and start working for the people of Ohio. Instead of yourselves. Ohio VOTE YOUR GOVERNOR AND THE REST OF THE DEMOCRATS WHO SAY THEY ARE REPUBLICANS OUT. YOUR FREEDOMS ARE AT STAKE. DEWINE LOCKED YOU DOWN FOREVER. REMEMBER THAT .

  6. No matter what party these compromised and corrupt politicians only think about their own political power and economic gain. They want to redo district lines in Ohio thinking it will cover their own futures but siding with Democrats is like playing with alligators and poisonous snakes.

  7. Those traitor MORONS nedd to be forced out of office. I wonder how much money Pelosi paid them to do this?????

  8. So tired of the pathetic republicans who turn against other republicans. If DeWine and the others wish to play on the dems side then convert to their side but don’t go against your constituents wishes and play games like this redistricting just to get at pro-Trump Jim Jordan. Jim Jordan is so popular and so on the mark that I suggest you think twice before doing this sabotage tactic because your jobs will be on the line too. Try that on for size !!

  9. What can we do to help Him Jordan. ?We love him and he needs this or a better position in govt.

  10. Shouldn’t redistricting be up to the people and not some pompous idiot? It is obvious this is just an attempt to get rid of a popular Republican who they can’t remove legitimately. I am praying the Republicans get majorities in all of the states and in both houses of the Congress. Then these corrupt criminals currently sitting in our Congress and in the positions of power in the states will be stuck in the sewer where they belong.

  11. These establishment Republicans need to vote out of office in 2022. If these people are the party nominees in 2022 I would vote for the Democrat if I was living in Ohio. They must pay for their treason.

  12. It’s good against evil Dems. The idiot in White House was not fairly elected. He can get away with murder, and no consequences. He is or has done everything he can too ruin America. Have too be a moron not too see it. I guess people love high prices and illegals. I don’t, they are pushing and going too far!!!

  13. if the people in this country don’t stand up and fight these devil’s we will lose our country, call write protest and disown your dem, friends. no more nice. OUR FREEDOM IS OUR CHOICE, lock and load .

  14. Republicans love stabbing each other in the back. That’s why they ar who they are losing to the Democrats. Dems ar very cunning. Who knows what they did. They ar scared of Jim. If the Republicans lose Jim, big trouble for the Party.

  15. You mean to tell me that these corrupt Republicans in Ohio would rather see the Dems control the House and senate simply because they hate Trump so much? If these idiots do in fact redistrict and cause Jordan to lost his seat, I will never vote in another election. These people are pure fools.

  16. As one who was from Ohio, I am shocked! Wake up you people!! Look what has been happening to our country since 2021. Our gas prices have gone up 189%, our food prices out of the roof, illegals have taken over our country, 1,300,000+ since 2021. Our military has failed us with Biden. Look at our budget out of kilter, and dictatorship out of control! People loosing jobs, people that want to have choices no long can except if you are an illegal.

  17. “Governor Mike DeWine, Auditor Keith Faber, and Secretary of State Frank LaRose, all Republicans, are considering redrawing district lines ahead of the 2022 mid-term elections.”

    Looks to me like these people have been bought.
    Hope the people of Ohio take responsibility for the people They Elected to run the state and make the necessary corrections.

  18. “Governor Mike DeWine, Auditor Keith Faber, and Secretary of State Frank LaRose, all Republicans, are considering redrawing district lines ahead of the 2022 mid-term elections.” need to be the guest of honor at a neck XXXXX party. Get them out of congress……

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