PA Supreme Court Blocks School Mask Mandate

One of the more shocking state Supreme Court decisions was handed down this week.

The Democrat-dominated court struck down a state mask mandate in Pennsylvania.

A full opinion is expected soon, but the court blocked the mandate on the premise that the acting health secretary did not have the authority to issue such a mandate.

Sorry, Try Again

The mask mandate had been supported by Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and Acting State Health Secretary Alison Beam.

Beam took over as Health Secretary when former Health Secretary Rachel Levine was added to the Trump administration.

The opinion by the state’s Supreme Court affirmed the ruling that was issued by a lower court.

In the original ruling, the court cited Pennsylvania’s Disease Control and Prevention Act of 1955.

According to that legislation, Beam does not have “the blanket authority to create new rules and regulations out of whole cloth.”

PA Governor Tom Wolf’s spokesperson Beth Rementer stated, “The administration recognizes that many school districts want to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff, and we are hopeful they will make appropriate mitigation decisions moving forward.”

Chief sponsor Sen. Doug Mastriano, R-Gettysburg, responded, “The culture of fear is being used to divide instead of allowing facts and science to be a guide for parents and families to make decisions in the best interest of their children.

“It’s the right of parents and legal guardians to gather the facts and decide what they view is in the best interest of their child.”

Democrats continue to push these mandates as protective measures and conservatives continue to call them out for government overreach and an effort by Democrats to grab control of every part of our lives.

Where do you guys stand? Do you think the government has the right to tell parents if their children should mask up or not?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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17 Responses

  1. Parents should have
    The complete decision
    Making over their
    Children unless their
    Abusing that right.
    Government doesnt support that child nor do
    They supply the loving
    Care and wisdom they
    Need for a life of meaning.

  2. This fake government has no power to do anything they are doing to this country right now. Look it up, are Constitution has ended in 1999 and hasn’t been signed back into law.

  3. Levine was Biden pick. Trump would not pick such incompetence! Finally a Supreme Court that made a good decision.

  4. Thank GOODNESS a micro piece of sanity has happened.

    One day Fauci and others will go up on charges…
    Crimes Against Humanity….

    This whole thing is a hoax…

  5. I don’t believe in the Covid vaccinations mandate. We are adults and should make our own decisions and do what we think best for our children as well as for ourselves.

  6. masks are simply not very effective. they make demoncrats look better, but how to hide the horns? the best thing to do is remove your child from “schools” (AKA leftist propaganda centers). home schooled children do better by any metric and are not totally brainwashed by leftist turds.

  7. The government didn’t procreate the children, the parents did, and they know what is right for their children. The government needs to back off, they have no right or say so in what the child should or should not be doing. That is for the parents to decide. This Administration wants to control the people instead of helping the people. Authoritarianism! Depopulation, get rid of all the conservatives.

  8. It is against the Federal Trade Commision for any state, city to mandate mask wearing. They do not have the medical license to do such a thing.

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