Media Paints Ted Cruz as Nazi Sympathizer

Over the last week, I watched media reports about Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his comments while questioning Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Specifically, they focused on a comment that Cruz made to Garland regarding parents giving school board officials a mock Nazi salute.

Rather than portraying the incident truthfully, the media has made Cruz out to be some type of Nazi sympathizer, which is just a blatant and horrible twist of what actually happened.

The Biased Media

This was one of the tweets that went out attacking Cruz over the Nazi salute comment.

Now, keep in mind, this narrative was pushed by many major media outlets as well…

Notice how the tweet was cut off just as Garland was speaking.

That is because Garland also defended the right of parents to do this.

Of course, had the entire line of questioning been published, it would have been clear that the gesture Cruz was defending as free speech was actually a mock gesture by the parents over how the school board officials were reacting.

Parents were not making a Nazi salute out of respect, they were mocking the school board officials for acting like Nazis, a completely different narrative than how most media outlets portrayed this exchange.

For instance, the Huffington Post headlined its article, “Sen. Ted Cruz Defends Parents Who Gave Nazi Salute At School Board Meeting.”

The Daily headline was similar, writing, “Ted Cruz Defends Parents Doing Nazi Salutes at School Board Meetings.”

Major outlets also took to covering the limited clip, which included CNN and MSNBC.

On CNN’s “Reality Check,” the headline running underneath John Avalon while covering the story read, “Sorry, Ted Cruz: Nazi Salutes at School Board Meetings Aren’t Normal.”

Avalon, during his segment, added, “If you’re defending Nazi salutes at school board meetings, you’re already losing.

“Of course, the issue here isn’t the First Amendment. The issue is the galloping insanity that’s infecting our civic life.”

After Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) jumped on the bandwagon, Ted Cruz had seen and heard enough and looked to set the record straight…

Sadly, this is the state of today’s media.

An American Senator defends parents and is fighting for their right to have a say in their child’s education, and the media portrays him as a Nazi sympathizer.

Source: Fox News

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32 Responses

  1. It is an act of the Gestapo communist democrat pedophile cult party to sick the fbi on the parents that disagreed with the communist democrat pedophile cult party school board!

    1. Section 230 of the Communications Act has to go. Then censoring on public internet sites also has to go. I wouldn’t mind seeing execs censoring users of public internet sites in jail pushing a mop. After all, there IS a First Amendment. Virginians sent a big message the other night despite biased media attempts to cover up the facts. Let’s go Brandon!

  2. This remark against Ted Cruz is typically the left responding to the truth with lies. Would be so nice to here the media other than Fox News report the truth!

    1. So very true. Garland made a complete ash of himself in his interviews, he never answered one question with a straight answer. If anyone are Nazis’s it is straight up the Democratic Party.

      1. That is true. The democrats are often called communist but really they are closer to the Nazis/Fascist than communist.

  3. Don’t worry, Ted Cruz! Anyone with half a brain knows you are NOT a Nazi sympathizer!!

  4. WTF??? R/U for real ilhan omar is nothing but a trashy slut that spew LIES after more LIES. It’s time to play this game get those Demonrats out of the White House. Ted Cruz is a Great Man that have balls.

    1. Omar needs to have her citizenship revoked and sent back to the hole she crawled out of. This witch has openly stated how much she hated this country. Her kind we sure don’t need or want. She is an enemy of our country.

  5. The MORONS on the left ALWAYS fall back to attacking ANYONE that does not adopt the party line !!!!!!!!!!!
    And then they pretend to be shocked when they are voted OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I stand with Ted Cruz, and “LET’S GO BRANDON” !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Breaking news most of the lying media are actually Trump supporters they just lie things to keep their F***N Jobs

    1. To bad you aren’t a little smarter, why is our economy sky rocketing, why are all our allies in trouble, where are our people in Afghanistan, how many more can come across our boarder. Wake up, we had all that under control with Trump.

    2. you sir are an idiot-Trump supporters do Not usually work in the media and we tell the truth it’s just that the left won’t listen!

  7. Ted Cruz is one of the few shining lights left in our government. The likes of Omar and Garland suck as bad as Biden and Harris and Pelosi. The Democrats are the Nazi pigs and Biden is trying to bring down America by himself. He should be fed to the pigs!

  8. What is hilarious is, that the Democrats that are the ones acting like the Nazis.
    Democrats always accuse others of doing what they are doing to take the light off of themselves. They are like roaches that scatter when a light is turned on.
    Let’s go Brandon.

  9. This is just more PROOF , how worthless FAKE cnn and FAKE msnbc are . They will knowingly lie , distort , twist and spin anything to fit THIER narrative !!! The parents were NOT supporting the Nazi salute ,,, they were mocking the school board with it , because that’s how the school board is acting ,,, like the Gestopo !!! FAKE cnn and msnbc knew this , they twisted it to go after Cruz . Ted Cruz has balls and is a true Conservative Patriot !!! Lets Go Brandon !!

  10. We are always talking about how bad the Democrats are but we never do anything about it. California had a chance to kick that governor out of office, but they allowed him to take the office back by keeping voters from voting. Where were all the so called Patriots we read on these comments and Reply’s? We have to stand up and call them what they are, communists and terrorist, vote them out of office in 2022. Write them, when you see them call them what they are Terrorist, and if you voted for one and still support them, so are you.

  11. Biden is saying that parents are domestics terrorist and ISIS is not. Yet Biden rewards ISIS free food and money. I got in line for my $450,000 but I was denied because I am an American.

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