Parents Start Revolting Against CRT, Masks, and Gender Issues in Schools

With some schools already open and others preparing to do so, parents around the country are starting to dig in.

Subjects such as critical race theory (CRT) are being pushed, as are gender topics.

That along with the forced wearing of masks by children throughout the school day has parents around the country pushing back against the liberal agenda of the Biden administration.

Not My Kids

We have beaten CRT to death, so there is really no need to go into the specifics other than parents across race, creed, religion, and political affiliation are pushing back.

Parents are now also now starting to push back on the idea of student-athletes being able to compete in sports by their identified gender rather than their birth gender.

Natassia Grover was among those pushing back, stating, “I am so shocked there are fathers on this school board who support Policy 8040. As a father, you are in a role that is supposed to be protective of children’s privacy, modesty and safety.”

She continued, “The tiny minority of students who do not feel comfortable or safe in spaces with people of the same sex should be accommodated with a third neutral space rather than violating the basic rights of the majority of students.”

Yet another issue that is getting massive pushback by parents is the issue of forcing children to wear masks.

There was recently a massive protest in Baltimore on this very issue…

Protests like that were taking place throughout the country.

Remember when everyone that did not vote for Trump justified it because they said the country needed a respite and a time to calm down? Well, how did that work out?

Source: Fox News

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27 Responses

  1. All Biden voters will be boiled in a special cauldron in hell for what they have enabled.

  2. It is SAD that people STILL want to pretend that O’Biden is in charge at the White House !!!!!!!!!!! Ha, HA !!!!
    He has NEVER been in charge, but that doesn’t matter !!!!!!!!!! We need to know WHO IS PULLING THE STRINGS behind the curtain and go after THEM !!!!!!!!! O’Biden is JUST the FALL GUY while the PUPPETT MASTERS do what ever they like to the country !!!!!!! Wake up America !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The democrats will never admit this buffoon is mentally challenged! The scumbag and biggest conman ever to occupy the White House is pulling the strings for this ad. Just look at who works for him? All of Obozo s people!

  4. Joe Biden is a communist with dementia and must be removed from office immediately!!! If we are luck maybe he will die soon. He is responsible for letting in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in the country per month with COVID 19. This has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans!!$

    1. Just need to make a comment..when the electric cars are recharging for 45 minutes what are people supposed to do?? not exactly the same as a five minute gas refill dodo Biden!

    2. This is how they plan to establish O’Biden unfit to rule and get Harris the Ho in the White House Oval Office. Regardless neither of them are making decisions. This just proves how stupid our current government is and they’re letting sleepy senile Joe take the fall.

  5. On any and every topic of National concern Biden and his administration has failed the American people. Covid, all rhetoric….. the invasion at the border, not a peep, hundreds of thousands let in and bused or flown to…. where? No repercussions. Who knows who has come across and from where they are from. How many in the administration have too close of a tie to the CCP? CRT is just part of it, we all know that. All of the armament and support equipment left for the Taliban to use after the pull out. Prior to President Trump there was the managed decline of the US, I guess Biden is trying to catch up.

  6. It time to take them out one way or the other . biden and harris and that Democrat party .. We have togo after them where ever we see them .. There all to old and are hurting our proud people and distroying our nation nowthere going after our children its time to fight and get rid of these fools.

  7. Folks in our nation who love and trust in God need to WAKE up and SPEAK up. This nation is going to go UNDER if we don’t. “If we EVER forget that we are “ONE NATION under God” (HIS rules) – – we WILL be one nation
    gone under!!” Ronald Reagan said that. Stop the foolish timidity and speak up as to Who is really “in charge”. Look at the 3 fingers pointing BACK when we point at others!!

  8. Why in hell is he still in there? He’s destroying us with his puppeteers and doesn’t even know it. And Harris is just as bad but she doesn’t have dementia. The vaccine should not be mandatory for anyone. We have a right to choose and I, for one, and most all my family will never take the vaccine. This isn’t controlled by the government it is the choice of the individual to decide if they want to jump in head first. NEVER, NEVER.

  9. Did anyone know that right now at this time, there are 1,000 lawyers and 10,000 doctors suing the CDC,WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity. The people running these orgs are lying about the true numbers of covid deaths. The amount of covid deaths have been greatly exaggerated They also knew that their PCR test was not accurate and even more. Their forced vaccine mandates are in several Violations of the Nuremberg Code. What our leftist fascist government is doing to us the same thing that the Nazi’s did to it’s own people…..

  10. I do not count that piece of crap as president to me this country is being illegally run by the DNC and cohorts while the real leader was kicked out by them there has been nothing but blocks thrown in the way by democrats on trying to prove the real outcome of 2020 elections I think the DNC and its members should be banned from holding office until a complete rebuilding and new people running it

  11. we will never know peace and freedom till we take the trash out of the white house and congress and i don’t mean just the democrats the trash republicans got to go also its time to throw out the politicians and put people in charge of this country who have worked for a living rather than being several generation vampires sucking the lifes blood out of our country.

  12. Yes people need to be in the streets. I am a Christian but this is horrible. Biden does not deserve to be our president and we need to right November third. The machines need to go or republicans will never win again.

  13. Interesting..tried to comment on the mask fraud, and it never posted. Even here we’re being suppressed

  14. Sure would be nice “Truckman”!!! But DON’T hold your breath—only the “DirtocRATS” could pull off something like that!!! It would require THEIR unconstitutional talents!

  15. Ole Joe has ALWAYS been as dumb as a stump. But now, he’s DEMENTED. He needs care; someone else is pulling his strings.

  16. Enough is enough! It’s time to take back our country by any means necessary. Save our grandchildren!

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