Paul Strikes Back at Swalwell After Tornadoes Comment

Rep. Swalwell (D-CA) may be one of the most classless individuals in Congress.

He got his 15 minutes of fame during his failed presidential run, yet he continues to try to stir things up even though his closet is bursting with skeletons.

Swalwell just went too far, however, trying to smack down Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) after the storms ripped through our heartland.

No Class

Paul has been busting his butt to help Kentuckians displaced by the storms.

He even tweeted out resources for those impacted…

Showing how little class he has, Swalwell decided to use this as a way to take a shot against Paul…

The fact of the matter is, however, that Paul has only questioned how the money is spent and accountability for that money.

He responded, “I would have given them 9 billion and I would’ve taken the 9 billion from somewhere else.

“I would have taken it from foreign aid and said you know what, we don’t have money for Egypt or Pakistan this year because we have to help the Northeast.”

His point being that we have so much excess cash just sitting around in programs that is doing nothing when it can be reallocated for emergencies such as this.

Look no further than all the COVID money that is now being redirected in states across the nation because Democrats preferred to write a ridiculously big check rather than a sensible one.

When the legislation was approved, I stated then that this was just a way for Democrats to get more money to fund pet projects, and that is exactly what they are doing now.

Paul addressed this overspending on this very subject in an op-ed, stating, “They say we are out of money to pay for hurricane relief.

“So instead of finding that money somewhere else in the budget, they simply want to raise the limit on our credit card.

“This has to stop. We spend too much. We owe too much. We cannot keep spending money we do not have.”

He is 100 percent correct, of course, and Swalwell has once again proven that he is nothing more than a piece of garbage.

Source: The Blaze

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11 Responses

  1. The dems are spending us into extinction. But they don’t care because they have all made their fortunes by insider trading…which any other American citizen would go to jail for doing.

    1. Are You Saying That EVERY DEMOLIAR HAS TONS n TONS OF MONEY ??? Do You Know Just How Ridiculous That Sounds ???

      1. Most Democrats in Congress have become millionaires since becoming members of Congress. Yes, it is through insider trading. Swamp Queen Pelosi is a prime example of that as is Maxine Waters. The list is long. Do some research to see. Members of Congress should be required to publicly disclose their tax returns just as they demanded of Trump. Many would put up more resistance that you have seen coming from Trump.

  2. Swalwell is a China lover, its hard to figure how much secrecy he’s ratted out our country to the Commies! He can’t be trusted any further than he can be thrown!!!

  3. Inbred , degenerate , jism swallowing Swallwell , who is a WORTHLESS Liberal that sniffed a Chinese Spy ,,,, then got patted on the back by the rest of the democratic Party !!!

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