US Breaks Off Talks to Pay Migrant Families

Several weeks ago, a report broke that had many Americans very upset.

It was revealed that the Biden administration has been negotiating a massive payment with families of illegal immigrants that had been separated at the border.

Reports are now breaking that the administration has ceased those talks due to significant pushback.

No Soup for You

The idea of paying illegal immigrants a payment of $450,000 had outraged Americans from coast-to-coast.

This was outrage that reached across the aisle, as every struggling demographic in this country was asking, “What about me?”

How can we ignore our homeless, our veterans, etc., while making people who broke the law to come to this country instant millionaires?

Omar Jadwat, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, announced that the administration “has ended negotiations over a settlement of the cases seeking monetary compensation.”

ACLU lead attorney Lee Gelernt stated that the administration has “allowed politics to get in the way of helping the little children deliberately abused by our government.”

Conservatives have always maintained that when people break the law, they go to jail, and their children are not permitted to go with them.

Why is this any different?

Furthermore, albeit harsh-sounding, this policy was a major deterrent to migrants crossing the border illegally.

One final mention would be that this policy was not created by the Trump administration.

It was actually put in play during the Bush administration and was also in play during the Obama administration.

The only difference was that Trump raised the bar to zero-tolerance, so we did see more family separations at the border for illegals.

However, after pushback on the policy, the Trump administration was also the one that ended the policy, something he rarely gets credit for in the media.

Regardless, these people broke the law, and they surely do not deserve to be compensated for that.

Sources: Washington Examiner & New York Post

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21 Responses

  1. BIDEN, HARRIS, ACLU, and ANYONE ELSE involved in this SHAM should be THROWN IN JAIL for pretending to being an elected member of the government that SERVES CITIZENS of the USA! THEY FAILED their elected responsibility to the PEOPLE WHO ELECTED THEM!

  2. This may be good news nationally; my only hope is that Biden will follow thru and not pay the illegal immigrants one dime for the separation. They came on their own and did not follow the law, so should not be entitled to any compensation. It seems like here the WOKE Administration of Gavin Newsom will continue to be a sanctuary State and provide the illegals with money, driver’s license, free health care and education and continued neglect for the homeless and veterans currently in California. This is dead wrong and needs to change to take care of our citizens and veterans first, good luck in seen this for California.

  3. If monies are given to the illegal families than money needs to be paid to all American People’s families when they are in JAIL. Need I say anymore???

  4. HEY Admin of the site. Would you PLEASE remove the SPAM artist crap. If the comment has NOTHING to do with the article in question… it should be REMOVED.

    Now about paying INVADERS (that’s what they are by the way; Not ILLEGALS or ALIENS… THEY ARE INVADERS!!!) money… WHAT?! Are you out of your FREAKING mind! These people are CRIMINALS. PERIOD. NO EXCUSES, NO EXCEPTIONS. You want to come here? Do it the RIGHT way.

  5. If no one is above the law
    Why are these nuts allowed to remain in office
    They have brought a great down fall to our great country
    So is Pelosie and Shiff above the law
    They have out right lied and spread fake news about our leaders
    Why aren’t they charged

  6. Here we go again !
    This completely stupid idea was just another one of Joes interpretation of what’s right . Like Rittenhouse ! Or slinking out of Afghan like cowards leaving your own to their fate .!
    High fuel prices and blaming OPEC !
    Jussie hate crime Smollet ! And more !
    Don’t forget Joe has brain issues !

  7. How in the hell can we have a President who is so undeniably Stupid ! Democrats should carry a burden for betraying the constitution !
    SOON THEY WILL ! 20/22. Beyond !
    They give empty promises !
    ALL LIES ! FJB , Moron !

  8. I saw a dog on my lawn early this morning he was all hunched in his back!
    Was this dog laying eggs ? Biden eggs !
    If he comes back I will promise him food and reneg ! BIDEN STYLE !!!
    Check on him three months later !
    Snivel about my terrible loss for years !
    Oh no homeless dog dead it was Trumps fault ! Adam Schiff has proof !

  9. When this story first broke I came out against it and I am glad that the Biden administration has decided not to to this, paying people who cross our border illegally was a slap on the face to those who crossed legally and to the American people who are struggling

  10. With Biden nothing is ever over because he flip flops back and forth over and over again until everyone is so confused they don’e know what he saying (neither does he).

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