Pelosi Applies Pressure to SCOTUS on Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court is hearing one of the most significant cases in recent history regarding the future of Roe v. Wade.

Legislators are not supposed to try to influence the court on decisions, but Democrats, including Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), have been throwing around veiled threats all week.

Pelosi being the most recent, telling the court that if it does not strike down the Mississippi abortion law, the court will lose its “legitimacy.”

Reproductive Health Care

Democrats continue to push the narrative that abortion is reproductive health care, which I believe is a major mistake.

In very few cases is abortion actually considered “health care,” meaning the mother’s life is in danger and an abortion is needed.

The overwhelming majority of abortions are an elective procedure to kill an unborn child.

If the Supreme Court upholds the Mississippi legislation, it will not be overturning Roe v. Wade, but it will put stricter rules to protect the unborn.

Even so, Pelosi stated, “As the Supreme Court hears arguments in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, it has the opportunity and responsibility to honor the Constitution, the law and the basic truth: every woman has the constitutional right to basic reproductive health care.

“Mississippi’s radical abortion ban, part of a nationwide assault against women’s freedoms targeting in particular women of color and women from low-income communities, is brazenly unconstitutional and designed to destroy Roe v. Wade. Yet again, Republicans are trying to control a woman’s most personal decisions about her body and her family and are trying to criminalize health care professionals for providing reproductive care.”

The new rule would limit abortions to the first 15 weeks of pregnancy.

The Democrat worry is that if this law is able to stand, the Texas law could possibly pass as well, which cuts that abortion window by more than half.

Pelosi is now basically calling the Supreme Court a kangaroo court if she does not get her way, opening the door to criticism of every Supreme Court decision from here on out.

As I have stated before, I do not always like the decisions that come from the court, but I respect them as the ultimate measure of justice.

This is about as fair and balanced a bench as we have had in decades, so we all just have to live with this decision regardless of how it comes down.

Source: Daily Caller

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31 Responses

  1. Too bad nasty Nancy wasn’t aborted. Her big mouth is not needed.

    Same goes for dementia Joe.

    Let’s go Brandon

    1. How come Pelosi & Biden can make threats and have no recourse and the man from AZ made a threat to Pelosi and is going to jail.
      No matter what the threat, it’s still a threat with BIG Consequences
      Get rid of the communist Democrats now, before they ruin America any more!!

      1. TK you are absolutely correct. I continue to say they should reap the consequences of their words and actions. God is watching and one day they WILL have to answer to Him.

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      2. And how dare the wicked witch of the West threaten the Supreme court. You are out of your league Nancy! Time for you to go! Just retire, you are not needed just like your boss!

    2. You know that saying, “MY BODY MY CHOICE??” IF that is true then why can’t a senior, lets say over 65, why can’t they walk into a clinic and sign a few forms and get what they need to end THEIR lives painlessly and peacefully even if they are in good health?? Why should a person have to wait for a devastating health condition that is painful and expensive to treat to end THEIR life?? It a RIGHT we should have.

      1. We are not God therefore we never have a “RIGHT” to take a life; even our own, a child in our womb, or a senior Citizen. God knew every day of our life before there was one of them, from conception to natural death.
        We have an inalienable right to Life, not to take a life. We should not even be having this conversation and it should never be a decision put in the hands of nine unelected individuals.

  2. A woman can have a baby or an abortion. It’s HER body and she can do as she wants. But if you refuse the jab you can lose your job or worse. Isn’t it MY body to do as I please? Why am I being forced to do something against my will.

    1. Probably because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Dems want control and the jab is a tool to achieve precisely that.

  3. “every woman has the constitutional right to basic reproductive health care.”

    How is this within the Constitution?
    Can any rational person verify this as “constitutional”?

  4. Abortion is MURDER. If your woman enough to lay down and get pregnant, you are women enough to carry it to term. Your actions have consequences. Act accordingly.

  5. Excommunicated! She is no true Catholic. She even makes up the rules as she goes along for the Catholic church!

  6. Speaking of the Constitution, Pelosi should stay in her own lane and not be threatening a branch of the government.

    Clearly her comments are politically motivated, an influence we strive to keep out of our judicial system.

  7. How hypocritical that the Dems say a woman’s body is her own when it comes to abortion, but getting the vax, not so much. Pelosi is two faced and should be arrested along with her croonies.

  8. The Joker Joe, Hung over Harris and Pickled Pelosi are the worse and should not believe a word out of these three clowns. They have turned America upside down.

  9. Coming from a person who has lost all her legitimacy and integrity a long time ago this veiled threat really does not hold any weight.

  10. Pelosi has no business messing with the court, she is just a politician who has been in office to long and it sickens me to hear her say she is a Catholic abortion is murder plain and simple she needs to shut her mouth I hope the court ignores her and does the right thing

  11. Attention all “Legal Beagles” ! How many signatures would be required to enact the removal of Pelosi from her position as Speaker, for politicizing an issue in behalf of our nation, being heard by SCOTUS. It would appear to be time to investigate any and all potential abuse of office down to her undies, as disgusting as that might prove to be.

  12. Abortion is murder and murder is the only sin that God will not forgive. So prepare for your hot afterlife all you that support abortion., Whether you believe or not doesn’t make a bit of difference, God is the same always, his laws do not change.

  13. This is about a woman’s rights and a man rights. The problem Piglousy does not seem to get is the unborn woman and man can’t speak up and defend them selves.

  14. How is it that if someone threatens Pelosi the whole world wants to rush to her defense but she can threaten the supreme court and no one does anything. She and the rest of the swamp (including Hillary) do not attract punishment. The FBI and the DOJ are due a total overhaul as they do not protect most Americans.

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