Pelosi Losing GOP Support for Bipartisan Spending Bill

Before the House summer recess, had Pelosi put the $1.2 trillion bipartisan spending bill on the floor, it would have easily passed.

Instead, House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) rolled the die, stating that she wanted to attach the bill to the $3.5 trillion reconciliation package.

That delay now has Republicans that supported the package upset, and they are threatening to pull their support of the spending bill.

Crushing Blow

When the bipartisan bill came up, moderates on both sides of the aisle wanted the bill passed immediately.

Pelosi knew that many of these House members, on both sides, may not support the larger bill.

Her thought process was that she would dangle one to get approval for the other, but it is not working.

Knowing the two bills are tied together, Republicans who supported the bill are now pushing back, which could be a major problem for Pelosi.

She had more than enough cushion to get the bill passed before the break, but now there are Democrats in her party resisting the smaller package.

Without the cushion from Republicans, both bills could now die in the House.

Rep. Dusty Johnson (R-S.D.) stated, “I think Nancy Pelosi did this whole process a real disservice by linking them together so strongly and she continues to do that.

“And that makes it very difficult to bring Republicans to the party.

“I think for honest, forthright fiscal conservatives, it’s hard to get excited about the trillion-dollar deal if in any way it makes it more likely that the three-and-a-half trillion-dollar deal passes.”

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) warned Pelosi this would happen before the recess, stating, “If the [infrastructure bill] is linked to any other bill or held up for months, that support would fall apart.”

Johnson believes if the reconciliation package dies, there could be as many as 100 Republicans that would support the bipartisan package in the House.

He stated, “I think if reconciliation were to just die tomorrow and know we were able to put that monstrosity to bed, I think you would see somewhere between 50 and 100 Republican votes on infrastructure.”

Johnson then added, “Speaker Pelosi is absolutely holding the infrastructure bill hostage. … There are not just nine or 10 Democrats who are concerned about how breathtakingly large the $4.7 trillion combined package is.

“I mean, there might be 100 Democrats that have some concerns.

“And I think Nancy Pelosi is an expert at leverage. … And I think she understands how to put some of these Democrats into a box.”

If the support collapses, this would be an epic defeat for both Pelosi and Biden.

They got greedy, and now they may walk away from the table with nothing.

Source: Fox News

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26 Responses

    1. Piglosi is a loser and she needs to be put 6 feet under. Right now our Government is the enemy of the People and of our countries future. Our Government is more concerned about the scumbags coming across our border more then citizens. This must end.

  1. She should face the consequences of lawsa she has broken and lies she has told. Drain the swamp….

    1. That is 13 months away. The Democrats know that they will lose BIG TIME in 2022 that is why they are doing all they can NOW to bring our country down.

  2. Nasty Pelosi must be eliminated from our government. Why is a rich 80 year old still here? Apparantly she wants to keep destroying America!!!!

  3. The Whole Reconciliation Part Is The Biggest Joke We Could Ask For. The Whole Idea That Needed Infrastructure Is Going To Be Properly Funded Is Another Joke. Bids Will Go To The Highest DNC Doners Which Means Maybe 4 Or 5 ” Contractors” Will Get The Jobs , And With Worker Shortages The Jobs Won’t Get Done Which Means We Will Be Looking At This Again With The Next Controling Regime.

  4. Waiting for the day to see her and the rest of the low-lifes get what they deserve…stripped of every penny they have stolen from Americans and hung for their crimes against humanity !!!

  5. Pelosi has PLENTY of money in the bank …. she doesn’t need this job. Let someone who LOVES this country take her place … I could care less which party … just want someone that will do what the PEOPLE want and not use their personal agenda to destroy our country.

  6. RETIRE THE OLD WITCH! She is only “inflating” her own pocket! Besides, she is also getting Old and Senile, just like her boss!! Time to put “them” out to pasture!

  7. Drain the swamp. Get rid of Biden, Harris, Obama’s, Clinton’s, Pelosi, Faucci; ALL of the swamp trash including the ones in Holly Wood that are destroying our children.

  8. Stop putting any Republican Signatures on the Reconciliation Bill. We don’t need it at all. They are trying to GIVE a pay check to all. That is not the USA.
    Stop the spending. If we did that in our households, we would all file Bankruptcy. Use your Heads in Congress and Senate.

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