Pelosi on Afghanistan: Joe Biden is ‘to be commended’

It’s tough to remember a time when Pelosi told the truth.

I can say fairly confidently that after hearing her comments about Joe Biden and Afghanistan, there is simply no way possible she actually believed a word of what she was saying.

If she does, she just made a stronger case than ever to have her removed from office.

Joe’s Doing Great

According to House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA), Joe Biden has done a great job regarding the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Never mind the fact that the Taliban is partying in the presidential palace.

Never mind the fact that 20 years of progress, especially regarding Afghan women, has been lost.

Never mind the fact that photos were taken of embassy staff being rescued by Chinook helicopters, a scene reminiscent of the fall of Saigon.

While all of this is happening, with a straight face, this is what Pelosi had to say…

So, let me ask you a question… what do you think would be coming out of her face if the same exact conditions today were taking place with Trump in office?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

Source: Daily Caller

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35 Responses

    1. hold a lit match to her, she will go up in a flash of flames as the vodka in her system burns.

    2. She needs to be put out and left behind. I don’t know how someone with an empty head (and I mean inside her head) can be a speaker. She is not good at it and she is as bad as Biden. They both are losers.

  1. Piglosi needs too be hanged along with Biden, that ho of a Vice president and all the others in his Administration.

    1. I agree and the sooner the BETTER!!!!! The administration is a real JOKE!!!! I hope that the people of this country that voted for biden realize what they have done, It’s criminal what they have done so far

  2. Oh, Grandma Nancy, you aren’t doing yourself any favors talking up the total failure that is Demented Joe Biden. THE WORLD sees what a screwup he is, and you step up to the mic to COMMEND HIM? You are truly insane old woman.

  3. Why is he determined to bring down our country? Not only we and our families but future generations will suffer.
    He can’t control the enemy within – how can he take on other countries.
    More refugees for us to absorb. Who knows how many are infiltrating Taliban to bring the US down.
    We keep being told that we have the strongest army in the world – then why do we keep losing.

    1. Joe, actions were open to the world. Everyone saw what a disaster he made pulling out of Afghanistan. Now I worry about our National Security.

  4. Hung by the neck is more like it! Traitors must be dealt with pronto!
    This POS has been destroying America for far too long!
    The next March on DC Will be Armed!

  5. We have to put up with all their crap because we have let them make laws to prevent us from removing them from office and laws to make any plans to do so illegal.

  6. She can say it with a straight face because she has had so many face lifts, she can’t change her look.

  7. Last I heard pelosi was saying eeheeheeheehee I’ll get you my little pretty!
    Somebody quick! Throw a bucket of water on her! She even conjured up boobs jobs! ROBINETTE and KAMEL HAIRIS!

  8. Our corrupt government needs to go now before they get us all killed which is what they want.

  9. She is another one that is a waste of a human being. The whole Biden administration. There is absolutely no excuse for this to happen like this.

  10. The thing that will never cease to amaze me is that people actually vote for Pelosi! Why?! They are people for whom the elevator does not go to the top floor, that’s for sure! To have a complete fool like her as Speaker of the House is a tragedy!

  11. This is but another example why I call her Swamp Queen Pelosi. That’s because she is out of touch with reality. She thinks she’s too important to talk with us common folk. She doesn’t represent the people of California unless there is personal profit in it for herself. She runs the Democrats in Congress like a mafia mobster. Democrats in Congress either follow Pelosi’s instructions or they get punished and most likely fail to get reelected. She has carried on the family tradition of corruption to a grander scale. (Her father and brother were corrupt mayors of Baltimore. She learned from them.) She has extended that corruption to the next generation. Similar to the Hunter Biden Burisma Holdings issue, her son was also involved with a corrupt energy business in the Ukraine. Her nephew is the corrupt power drunk governor of California – Gavin Newsom. She is the Queen of the Washington DC swamp. Of course, you can’t trust her. You can’t believe anything she says.

  12. I have relatives in California. They claim that she has a rigged system that has kept her in office for so long. They have voted against her or a number of years but he always wins. Vote rigging has been the norm in a few districts in California for years. Once it was perfected, it was exported to the 2016 presidential election as well as a few of the congressional races.

  13. She used the wrong word! She should have said condemned , not commended! Biden has done NOTHING worthy of bieng commended for! He is a dolt, a senile doddering old fool pretending to be president! Piglosi needs to be removed from the speakership, kicked out of congress, she is the enemy in our house! Vacate the speaker’s chair and boot her out, followed by the squad, Schumer, and the entire Obama cabinet in place now! This farce must end now! Where are the republicans? Mc Carthy, get on the stick, demand her resignation, or impeach her! Stop the damned whining and DO SOMETHING!!!!

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