Pelosi Snaps at Reporter Over Attack on Justice Kavanaugh

After the thwarted attack against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, reporters are putting the heat on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) for not flooring the SCOTUS protection bill.

The bill was unanimously passed in the Senate but has been sitting on Pelosi’s desk for more than a week.

When Pelosi was asked about the legislation, she completely snapped.

They Are Fine

The attempted attack against Brett Kavanaugh was a direct result of the rhetoric that Democrats have been spewing as of late.

We all saw this coming, and there is simply no way I can be convinced that Pelosi is not hoping a justice gets taken out.

Call it a conspiracy theory if you want, but protections given to these justices are generally only when they are working.

Their local police obviously know who they are, but that does not mean they will have dedicated protection for the justices and their family members, two of whom have young children in their homes.

Pelosi keeps saying that the bill is about the staff, but that was not the bill’s original intent.

The identity of most staffers is not even publicly known and their home addresses have not been made public, nor are there daily protests at their homes.

Yet, this was Pelosi, again pushing a false narrative…

Senate Minority Leader McConnell (R-KY) implored Democrats to pass the bill on Wednesday, stating, “House Democrats must pass this bill and they need to do it today.

“No more fiddling around with this, they need to pass it today.

“They need to stop their multi-week blockade against the Supreme Court security bill and pass it before the sun sets today.”

At some point, one of these lunatics is going to circumvent local police and successfully carry out an attack.

If that happens, every ounce of spilled blood is in Pelosi’s hands.

Source: Daily Caller

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6 Responses

  1. she is a freak………..just look at her waving her arms around flapping her gums and not making any sense at all

  2. This is ANOTHER violation of the oath of office by the toad pelosi. she should be thrown out of office and into prison, immediately!

  3. Idiot Pelosi should be put in a Federal prison for violating numerous federal laws. She is worthless! Pelosi has made millions off the taxpayers.

  4. Think about this Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the house has charge of the Capitol Police She refused the offer of the National Guard to help the Capitol Police on Jan 6th and is complicit in the results of that action as She will be complicit in any danger or harm suffered by members of the Supreme Court since she is holding up the law for their protection. She knew that the voters who marched on the Capitol were in a heighten mood of frustration, many of them believing and still believe the election was stolen. The investigations that are coming out now tend to lend a sense of proof that democrats still deny. She knows the mood of some radicals against the Justices and if any harm befalls them She again will be complicit. This is why most people do not accept the Committee on the Jan6th as a fair and impartial investigation.

  5. \if something happens to one of them she should be charged This is bull crap

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