Pelosi Tables Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Just as we predicted, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will hold the bipartisan infrastructure package hostage.

This weekend, while appearing on “This Week” on ABC, Pelosi stated that the bipartisan package would remain on her desk until she gets the reconciliation package from the Senate.

It has once again proven that the negotiations for a bipartisan deal were nothing more than a sham all along.

What’s the Point?

Last week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) tried to rush the bipartisan package through for a procedural vote before the bill was finished.

With more than $1 trillion on the line, McConnell blocked the bill from going through, as he should.

Schumer was doing this so he could pass reconciliation this week to ram through the much larger package that the Dems wanted.

So, now Pelosi is playing games, openly admitting that she will not even put the smaller package on the floor until she sees the $3.5 trillion partisan package passed by the Senate.

It is truly amazing that Pelosi tried to put this on Republicans, stating, “I hope they pass the bipartisan legislation. Infrastructure has always been bipartisan for all the years I have been in Congress.”

If infrastructure is bipartisan, why is she holding a bill hostage to get a partisan package passed?

The fact that Republicans are doing this and are still working on the bipartisan deal is baffling to me.

I do not see the point of passing a bipartisan deal if there is a reconciliation package that will follow with the Democrat wish list spending.

If Democrats want to go this route, why not let them own the entire package?

Do not get me wrong because we badly need infrastructure spending. That is NOT the problem here.

The problem is that the majority of the spending in the total package is not going to roads and bridges but to Democrat pet projects, such as amnesty for illegal immigrants.

I do not care how Democrats frame that… it is NOT infrastructure spending.

Source: American Digest

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23 Responses

  1. I would care less if I read in the morning paper that N*a^n*c^y P*e^l*o^s*i had a good heart attack, stroke, drunk driver accident, etc. She should be food for the buzzards.

  2. It is so past time for these powerful criminals to be removed from our government. Pelosi, Schumer, and all the radical communists need to be put aside so that our government can deal with the NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE.

    1. Correct! We need all disrupters and legally-sneaky politicians removed so that hard working elected politicians can collaborate and in a bipartisan way, approve bills that help the people and our nation.
      No more bills that only help a party!
      No more bills that only hep a politician!

  3. She is “out of her mind!” Cannot believe that “no one” had tried to impeach her … plus the whole darn crew!!

    1. We tried to get rid of her years and years ago. Somehow she always gets put back in again. The people in California in her District are all Illegals. They all vote for her because she takes care of them. She doesn’t live in her District. The Husband makes as much or more money from the Government as well. Who ever the Governor is, apparently he is just as bad as all of the rest of California. They all claim that they need the Illegals to pick the crops. Most of the crop being has been Automated as well. They are not picking these crops. They need to have to leave the USA and go back to Mexico or where ever they came from.

  4. Peelosi, why are you still here?? It’s way past time for you to leave office, all you do is sow discord and divide the nation. How you still get elected is a mystery to me, you must have a list miles long (it’s called leverage) of dirt against those who would have the audacity to oppose you on anything! Rule by fear, is the only way you can rule, you sure as 3477 are not a leader- – -not even close!!

  5. Don;t give in to the demorats. the people are going to get stuck with paying for all this crap and I am on Social Security. I would lose every thing to pay those taxes including my home!

  6. She needs to think back about the horrible obama care bill she asked people to approve with out reading. That is exactly what schumer is asking be done and it is ridiculous. We do not need to spend 3 or 4 trillion on infastructure. USE COMMON SENSE PEOPLE

  7. I agree with all the Posts above…We have some really sick & screwed up people
    in Washington beginning with Nancy Pelosi…..

  8. All of these comments are correct!!! Just how can we stop her crimes of blackmail, everyone is afraid of her, including all the republicans. Trump was not afraid of her that is why she hates him so.

  9. they need to remove polosi form office all she does is prevent the house form doing there jobs , they need to impeach her and impeach chuck shummer

  10. This woman is sick.Does she have a mirror in her house?The day of exposure is here and she is not exempt.Everyone will be exposed so they get a chance to repent of their evil deeds.I hope she takes it and stop.This revenge she is trying to take on the President .

  11. Agree with all posts! Vacate the speaker’s chair, remove Piglosi , put Jordan in as speaker and take care of the “ people’s business” instead of the Obama agenda she is running!

  12. We need to investigate Nancy and the rest of these lifers elections ! And I doubt very seriously if the Squad was voted in legally !!!

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