Pelosi Walks Out to Delay Vote

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is resorting to delay tactics to push back voting on key legislation.

Rather than push the vote forward on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, Pelosi reportedly walked out.

Moderates still hope that the bill will be introduced on Thursday, but even that now seems up in the air.

Nobody Budging

Pelosi has been adamant that she will not floor a vote if she thinks it will not pass.

Progressive Democrats continue to threaten the smaller infrastructure bill if they don’t have the reconciliation package on the floor.

The problem for Pelosi now is that specific stipulations in the smaller bill expire on Thursday, so that is the deadline, for all intents and purposes, to pass that bill as is.

If Pelosi continues to wait out Senators Manchin (D-W.V.) and Sinema (D-AZ) to break, she could miss out on passing both bills.

That, however, is what she seems like she is going to do, or at least wait until the very last possible second.

If and when Pelosi floors the smaller bill, she is unlikely to have the support of progressives, but the bill should still pass.

That particular bill still has significant support among Republicans.

However, once that bill goes through, she may lose the support of the reconciliation bill among more moderate Democrats.

Even today, however, Pelosi has stated that she must have “legislative language” in place before moving forward on the smaller bill.

I really don’t see that happening in the next 24 hours, so we will have to see if she stands firm or buckles.

Source: The Hill

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37 Responses

  1. I would care less if I read in the morning paper N^a^n^c^y P^e^l^o^s^i stepped out to cross Pennsylvania Ave on Capitol Hill and got run over by a drunken driver.

    1. I agree, the Greatest thing that could happen to this Country, would be for Pelosi to be Removed from office.

      1. For sure she is the head communist she is also a traitor trying continuously to destroy Trump including colluding with Milley to undermine the then President Trump although most Americans continue to consider him as the lethal Preident!

      2. I agree with you Fred. She should have been put out a long time ago. I believe she is the one that starts a lot of the crap between the Republicans and Demos and keeps it going.

    2. So many evil people are running our country and they will pay come Judge Day! The Biden Harris administration and democratic politicians will be among the first! We want our country back. Trump’s lawyer tells us about what’s going on with our election fraud! We need to go back to paper ballots and in person voting! They had so much fraud in 2020 election! We need to stop electronically voting! Please do the voting in person and paper ballots and vote on Election Day! Our freedom depends on it.

    3. Talking about the walking DEAD. she is the star. the next few days will tell the story. our country will live to fight another day or parish. Let us pray.

    4. I would have no choice but to laugh hysterically I I witnessed that and even if I could watch while it happened I would have to say out loud..”there is a God”!!!

  2. I think someone needs to get in Pelosi’s face and confront her. I don’t think there is one person in Congress who has enough guts to get in her face and demand that she stop throwing her hissy fit and get back to business.
    I hope to God that no one is going to vote for her 3 Trillion Dollar BS Crap. She needs to find out that she works for Americans and not the other way around. She has been in Congress too long and she throws her fits and gets her way all the time. We had a President that wouldn’t let her get away with this in Trump. Now we have this Goofy acting President Biden that doesn’t have a clue what to do Obama needs to keep his 2 cents to himself. He is not running the Country as we do have a nincompoop for a President. No one should be listening to Obama for any reason. He was a joke of a President and he is the one that helped put us behind the 8 ball with his Muslim Ideas.

    1. First of all Bernie is president he just can not win if he faced the voters. Sleepy Joe who now holds the office is a disgrace. as for the infrastructure bill part one. Now much of it is for repairing anything. So let it fail. the other bill will kill America and its way of life. The voters will tune in I just hope it is not to late. Raise taxes , that is a winner even some the DEMs know that. if you raise taxes you will loss your job. Mac Donald’s is paying 18.50 an hour pretty good if you like fries with that. The starter jobs will be gone as you press a button to get your burger. I am not sure how much meat will be in the burger. As for Obama. I thought he was the worst but Joe has him beat. it has been over 4 years and Obama does not have a Presidential library nothing to put in it. the next few days should be interesting.

    2. Pelosi knows she is on her way out and intends to get everything she wants before that happens regardless of what will happen if she does not.

  3. Legislative language means lies dressed up to look like legitimate truths. She is a Crook and a charlatan everything she does is against America and the people of America.

  4. All the above comments are right on but, the Democrats have taken over the country. It is time to stand and take our country back. It is very evident that what happened in the 2020 election was fraud on a large scale. The people behind it includes: Soros, Obama, Deep State, Pelosi, Clintons, Biden, Harris etc. My question is: What is the Supreme Court doing about all the fraud, lies and the Biden/Harris administration? This administration and the Democrats have violated their own country and country men. How can you sit back and watch how they are destroying our country? You judges are the highest court in the land and yet you have not done anything to the Biden/Harris administration. They cheated to get in office and are still cheating. The American people want you to fire or impeach these sick and evil people. Obama and Soros are running the White House. Why would you allow this to continue? Has everyone in Washington DC been bought? Are all of you traitors and poor excuses for human beings? America how about we take back our country and than send most of these worthless law breaking excuses to jail or exile for their crimes!!

  5. If you raise up and fight, this group of liars and thieves will make this country a police state because the Republicans are fighting against their government. For millions to show up in front of the White House and congress to want an end to this ludicrous joke of elected officials would be hard to get developed and organized. It would be like January 6th. We are the bad guys.

  6. Biden claims his tax increases are for the wealthy, maybe he should look in his own back yard, as he owes lots in taxes and get away with it. As far as Obama goes, he got President as an unAmerican, he was never born here! I would love to hear how Biden, Harris, Pelosi and AOC were all dead, plus some more!

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