Pelosi’s Got A Secret

Nancy Pelosi would have you believe that in order to get into the Capitol building you had to be extremely dangerous maniacs operating at the orders of a warmongering president.

That’s how she’s painting the January 6 protests.

Now though, we have PROOF that security and police at the Capitol simply are not up to snuff.

A recent batch of trespassers caught inside the U.S. Capitol complex were definitely not dangerous war criminals.

They were television comedy writers.

So maybe if ordinary office schlubs are able to sneak inside the premesis, it’s the security of the place we need to be looking at.

Non-peaceful protesting is not okay, and we’re not letting the Jan. 6 participators that were criminals off the hook. However, a proper security team could have prevented what happened that day.

One time is a mistake, and we’d be willing to forgive it if that’s what Nancy Pelosi was willing to admit security made in not containing the protestors.

However, the fact that it has happened again shows that Pelosi nor the Capitol police are taking any responsibility for their part in the actions.

They want you to think they’re taking things seriously, but behind closed doors, they are not.

If they were, comedy writers wouldn’t be infiltrating our capitol.

Source: Just The News

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7 Responses

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  2. Jan 6 is pelosis fault lack of Security investigate pelosi and impeach her for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution.

  3. Schiff along with these comedy writers should still be in jail like J6 but no, they are democrats and laws don’t apply to them. They were released within hours and so should all J6 people that have no crimes against them and did no harm inside.
    Two sets of laws again. I hope all these democrats, leaders too will be held accountable soon.

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  5. she is not real
    everything about her is bought with corruption and greed
    money and power is her life
    God who is truth will give her reward
    and he is just
    so read the bible , see just what that is
    dont believe her lies

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