Pence Defends Trump Supporters, Hits Media

Former Vice President Mike Pence did something that may shock Trump supporters this week.

During a Fox News interview on Monday night, Pence took up for the very people that have been the most critical of him.

Pence hammered the media for trying to characterize all Trump supporters as radicals because of the events on January 6.

Taking Up for Trump Supporters

The big sticking point between Pence and Trump supporters is Pence’s role in the election certification.

I have beat that to death, so I am not going to get into it again.

Regardless, a significant portion of Trump supporters have accused Pence of being a traitor, so it would not be a surprise if he simply abandoned them, but that is not his style.

Instead, Pence hammered the media for its portrayal of the loyal Trump supporters.

Pence stated, “I know the media wants to distract from the Biden administration’s failed agenda by focusing on one day in January.

“They want to use that one day to try and demean the character and intentions of 74 million Americans who believed we could be strong again and prosperous again and supported our administration in 2016 and 2020.”

Pence explained that he and Trump “parted amicably” and recently said they have talked about a dozen times since leaving office.

He continued, “You can’t spend almost five years in a political foxhole with somebody without developing a strong relationship.

“Jan. 6 was a tragic day in the history of our Capitol building, but thanks to the efforts of Capitol Hill police [and] federal officials, the Capitol was secured.

“We finished our work, and the president and I sat down a few days later and talked through all of it.

“I can tell you that we parted amicably at the end of the administration, and we’ve talked a number of times since we both left office.”

Pence knows that if he ever chooses to re-enter the political arena, he is going to need the backing of Trump supporters or face defeat.

He continues to send out olive branches, but I have yet to see them be received.

This may be the one wound that time will not heal with Trump loyalists.

Source: Newsmax

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35 Responses

    1. Pence will never have my support at anything he does. He could had supported President Trump alot better but he turned his back towards him so now Americans can turn their back towards Pence.

      1. Yes and No. He could have referred the questional ballots and sent the election to the Congress to deturmine who won the election.

  1. Judas Pence …. You failed when it counted … never will any Trump voter supporter would give you their vote … so go hold hands with your BFF Paul Ryan …
    We don’t need your support or defense …

  2. I believe that Pence did what he believed the law said he was supposed to. We have cussed the dems for making up their own laws that apply only to those not in agreement with them. I say give the man a chance. As far as I know he made a good vice president, one that Trump depended on. The dems are narrow minded enough without adding to the list.

    1. I totally agree. I think former Vice President Pence would loved to be able to turn the cheating part of the election but the option he may have had simply wasn’t an option.
      I hope and Pray he and Trump will run again
      Good luck and many blessings

  3. I will be called naive, but I believe Pence is a good guy. He’s just low key and not as boisterous as his President ! And it’s the media that painted him as a traitor to our cause. The way Trump worked can never be taken away ! He was a great American work horse. And he’ll get my support. But, he really has to stop being rude to all that walk by. That being said, some did deserve his wrath!! Especially the media, lying overpaid commies. Please vote as Americans not as left or right and let’s make America wonderful again ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. Mr pence you sold the Republic for a coin and elbow Pelosi January 6 in the Chamber. You sir are part of the new world order. The Corporation owned by the Vatican London and the E.U. Luke 6:45. Please repent John 14:6. Otherwise Revelation 20:11-15. Hebrews 4:12:13. nkjv.

  5. While Pence didn’t do what we thought he should, we should think about how impossible it would be for Trump to get anything done today. Us, Americans are getting our wake up call and seeing how bad things can get with all democratic control as we watch our great nation fall in their rule. Maybe people will think more clearly now about their voting and not just what the media tells them. Now Trump can come back in 2024 and hopefully more trustworthy Republicans in control of both houses, no rhinos. Keep the faith America.

  6. Thats right, pence stood back like the rest over these weak Republicans and watched these corupt demrats steal the election from trump..McConnell is a pos and in bed with china as most politicans are for the last couple of we have a communist sponsored tratior in the white house..

  7. VP Pence followed the Constitution on Jan 6th. Under the law, there was nothing else he could do! Or do we want him to make up the rules as he went along…like the democrats do?

  8. Pence is a good man and a God loving man. He did what he felt in his heart (which is a good heart) was his only choice. I am glad that he and Trump are still friends. It shows that Trump and Pence are men that can forgive and still be friends even tho they may not agree all the time. Who does agree all the time with another.?

  9. NO Matter what , NO RINO s
    he is a Rino

    When it came down to standing up for what was right , Election Fraud , he caved and let the Demo rats steal , decieve, and destroy our country

    he cannot ever be taken seriously , pupit , write books for payoffs, sell art to chineese for income fraud and payoffs

    same lie and deception

    Never will I support this

  10. yes as above , MONEY , Just like Judas in the bible


    cannot be trusted

    will take the money again

  11. Pence is NOT a Rhino. He is a good man who did what the Constitution said he had to do. I hate it that good Republicans make comments like many of the above ones. To me, this kind of thinking belongs to the democraps, not republicans who care about others.

  12. Mr. Pence is sucking up for the Republican 2024 presidential nomination.
    To bad he is not even in the arena….. lol

  13. Earlier I typed a big long spiel that y’all don’t seem to be going to post. So let’s just make it short and sweet. After seeing some of Pence’s behaviors I too began to feel that he is part of the NWO. I can NEVER see that man as my President.

  14. Pence didn’t fail Trump anymore than the Republicans in the Senate and especially in the House. They stabbed him in the back repeatedly for four years and now they want money to help correct this country. They had a very strong person in Trump to help this nation but they sat back and let the democrats persecute him for four years. So don’t say anything about Pence, at least he sided with him for four years. Some of you are as big a hypocrites as the democrats.

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