Pentagon: 100 Troops Involved in Extremist Activities

When Defense Secretary Austin was appointed, one of his first orders to command was to investigate extremist activity in our military.

That investigation has now concluded.

The report found that there were about 100 troops that had engaged in what they are describing as “extremist activity.”

Blown Out of Proportion

When Austin initially made the announcement, it was made to sound as though there was some secret society operating within our military.

When you consider how many troops we have throughout all of our branches, this number is miniscule in nature.

I don’t want to downplay how dangerous it can be to have extremists in the military (as we have all seen the damage even one wayward soul can do), but this is clearly not the problem that Austin was making it out to be when he made the initial announcement.

We also have to look at what they are now defining as “extremist” activity as well.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby stated, “We believe that less than 100, or about 100, active duty or reserve component members of the military participated in prohibited extremist activities.”

That number would account for roughly .005 percent of all troops currently serving.

To my point above, we also need to look at how loosely this definition of “extremism” is being defined.

For instance, anyone attending the January 6 rally, which later turned into a riot, would be considered to have participated in extremist activity, even if they did not participate in the rioting at the Capitol.

The White House was cautious not to attack the label to particular groups, such as BLM or the Proud Boys.

On this, Kirby stated, “Groups can and do change their methodology, their ideals, their motivations, and they can reform themselves.

“They can disband and reform into something else.

“And so if we got into coming up with a list of extremist groups, it would be only probably as good as the day we published it.”

Do you believe we have an extremist problem in our military?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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37 Responses

  1. Austin is an idiot. Kept calling Russia The USSR. And never recognized his mistake. Putin made fun of him. He is the extremist!

    1. Calling this buffoon an IDIOT is being kind. He has committed treason and should be court martialed for the debacle in Afghanistan.

  2. Austin and General MiLi should be tried for treason with the normal process to follow. both are woke POS who have no business in the military. Both are traitors to this country and the military.

    1. Amen and AMEN!!! Aand none too soon! They are shameful and a disgrace to our military. We need patriots not brain washed idiots in our armed service!

  3. I have never seen so many people appointed to jobs in the White House they know nothing about,
    why didn’t people with experience get appointed. Everyone is an extremist or some
    thing else. Do something to help our country, or our citizens who
    are trapped in Afghanistan.

    1. Writers must have the facts correct before publishing a story.. The author apparently does not. This coupled with not polishing their article is poor journalism. Jan 6 was NO riot! Running through hallways and yelling is hardly a riot! Stop pushing the narrative!

      If idiot Austin targets military “extremists,” then BLM and Antifa must also be arrested.

  4. What about the 3 Ret. Generals that think the military should prepare War Games against everyday Americans, they are still attached to the military by drawing their pensions + health benefits, how extreme is that ! As for our military , Austin ( not to bright ) is taking things way too far. This is what you get when you put the wrong people in office !!!

  5. Yes, we definitely do have an extremist problem. It is in the leadership that was handpicked by Obama by methodically eliminating older knowledgeable leaders and replacing them with his selections and encouraging
    them to continue to bring up people whose views were sympathetic to views against the then current patriotic ones. Just look at how many people were dismissed for a vague reason with someone with the same radical ideals as Obama and now Biden. All of them against American beliefs and believing in a single leader government.

  6. Anyone Biden put into his administration would certainly be an extremist from VP on down. There has never been a worse qualified group of dummies in history!

  7. You’ve got to be kidding! If Secretary Austin wants to seek out extremists, he should begin looking at the loons in Congress and the White House! $

  8. As Will Bennett said, “the extremists aren’t in the military,” they are in CONGRESS, PENTAGON, DOJ, FBI & the rest of the alphabet swamp in DC. ALL these people have either forgotten or abrogated their oaths “to protect & defend our constitution from ALL enemies, both foreign & domestic.” What part of that sentence DON’T they understand? And since they don’t…VOTE THEM OUT!

  9. Until the diaperheads and BLM ad ANTIFA fools are eradicated, there should not be any “INVESTIGATIONS” into anything !!!! Face it folks, WE AVE A SERIOUS LEADERSHIP PROBLEM IN THE US, STARTING AT TH VERY TOP AND GOING ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM !!! Damned liberal idiots are ruining OUR county and MUST be STOPPED, NOW !!!! LOCK AND LOAD !!!! SEND A LIBERAL TO HELL !!!!

    Joe Brandon Biden ! ELECTION FRAUD
    Jussie Smollett is a Biden Voter !
    Alec Baldwin murdered / Biden voter !
    Ilhan Omar Islam extremists…Biden !
    Let’s go Brandon ! U suck

  11. The % of radical extremists is much lower in the military than in the House of Representatives Democrat aisle !
    Terrible leadership under Democrat rule
    Vote out all Democrats !!

  12. Brandon wants your guns !
    China wants Brandon to get the guns !
    Brandon has already crippled the USA with the fossil fuel restrictions !
    China pollutes full steam ahead !
    With unarmed forced labor / SLAVES
    Real gun safety lies in the hands of the man holding it ! Don’t tread on me !

  13. The extremist problem is not in the military, it is in the White House, Congress and the Pentagon. All the Democrats are the extremists that are causing a very HUGE problem for our country. They are helping the criminals get free, wanting the illegals and drug lords to cross our borders and letting the Antifa & BLM destroy our cities. They put mandates and restrictions on the American people while letting the illegals who are sick with the different variants of Covid and sending them all over the country to spread the disease then trying to blame it on the Americans who don’t want the vaccine. They need to look at themselves and change the way they are.

  14. I don’t remember anyone that I served with while in the Air Force being involved in any extremist activities and like you asked what is the definition of extremist activities

    1. In the Corps infantry we are too busy trying to do the best we possibly can at our job that thus we might stand a chance of remaining alive to be participating in extremist activities. When we are on liberty or leave we are at leasure or some such subsequent duty of person

  15. You notice only coNservatives are considered extremists. Never groups loved by racists democrats

  16. 2022 is the year after the schemeta, generally Gods year to clean house…look it up!
    We are in Gods new year now so hang on and pray for forgiveness! Its coming!
    Thats Gods time not mine!

    1. Web Need God So Much Now ! Maybe he will Write on Obiden’s Wall ! And Find a Daniel To Interpret It ! Are We To that Point Yet? I DON’T Believe Too Far Away ! We Need to Ask God To Intervene Here in This Time to “Save Our Country” ! NO OTHER CAN DO THIS BUT GOD ALMIGHTY !
      2 Chronicles 7 v. 14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
      Now Is the Time For Our Salvation ! BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE ! These Things can be done ONLY By Prayer and Fasting ! ( Something Seldom Done Today ! ) JMHO !

  17. Kirby says ”groups can reform themselves” ,maybe he should start at the extremist dnc and their latent communist tendencies

  18. Its simply a witch hunt by the democRATS period. They dont like anyone who oppose their agenda. Most of the democrats in DC are TRASH.

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