Pentagon: ‘Americans get stranded in countries all the time’

When you hear the words that come out of John Kirby’s mouth, it is rather astonishing that he ever wore the uniform of a Naval officer.

It all starts to make sense when you realize he actually spent the majority of his career flying a desk and spinning statements during his time in the Navy.

Even so, he seems to have taken things way too far in a recent statement regarding Americans left behind in Afghanistan.

Just a Disgusting Statement

Kirby completed OCS in 1986.

After qualifying as a Surface Warfare Officer, he quickly transferred out to serve in Public Affairs division.

For the bulk of his career, he spent his time in front of microphones and managed to achieve the rank of Rear Admiral doing so.

He retired from the Navy in 2015 to make the natural transition as the spokesperson for the Department of State.

When Joe Biden moved into the White House, Biden tapped the former talking head for Obama, and Kirby now serves as the Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs and the Pentagon Press Secretary.

Even as a talking head, one would think that Kirby would empathize with those left behind, but that is hardly the case.

When Kirby was asked about Americans left behind and getting them out, his answer outraged everyone that heard it.

He stated, “It’s not completely unlike the way we do it elsewhere around the world.

“I mean, we have Americans that get stranded in countries all the time.”

Not exactly the answer you would think would come from a man that wore the uniform for decades.

The backlash was immediate, with Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) stating, “This is the message we are left with from the Biden administration as hundreds of our citizens may never make it home.”

Nathan Brand put Kirby side-by-side with Psaki, who had previously slammed a reporter for daring to say Americans were stranded…

The fact this administration still does not have a handle on exactly how many Americans it left behind tells you all you need to know about the priority it places on real Americans.

Source: The Blaze

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32 Responses

  1. You have to remember Kirby’s statement falls in line with a Administration that surrendered to the Talban.
    Plus donated much needed technology and Weapons to the Talban.
    They should all stand trial for dereliction of duty and treason.

    1. This will never happen in a country where criminals are set free out of jails and liars like the president and his gang are protected by the swamp media!This is what happens if you call yourselves “the greatest country in the world like ROME used to do” and you have leaders like the democrats and RINOS to represent the US !

    2. He was Obama’s enforcer of stupid and destructive methods, like can’t shoot till the enemy shoots you first protocol. He is a bird brains idiot. Kirby should go over for the taliban vacation tour. they teach people to fly off tall building in a single push, and provide lessons in sword fighting when they are the only ones with a sword. Really think he should take advantage of it and learn first hand what he is leaving people to endure.

    3. nothing will be done the repubs don’t have the balls, everyone is protecting their jobs ,they should ALL be ousted and start new

  2. This is totally outrageous what Kenny American people do to get these morons out of office these are our blood the American people and they turn their backs just because they make all kinds of money from us I don’t trust them I don’t think they should be around

  3. Are these people demons?How evil .I wonder if they had a family member in Afghanistan would they say this

  4. THIS so-called, Administration; Does Not Have a Handle on ANYTHING – Including REALITY!!! Wooden Puppets, on strings, have more Intelligence. THIS Administration’s SOLE Priority appears to ONLY be for SELF GLORIFICATION !!! ….. At the EXPENSE OF OUR CITIZENS, STILL IN Afganistan!
    The U.K. as well as France and I believe Germany, got many Americans out; While the USA does Little or Nothing there, for it’s Citizens; PATHETIC!!!!!

  5. They ALL need to be shipped over there, dropped off with one canteen each and told “good luck getting out!!”.

  6. This is what you get when you put an IDIOT in the WHITEHOUSE, IDIOT Generals in the PENTAGON, IDIOTS IN THE CABINET, and BRAINLESS MORONS who do your PRESS CONFERENCES! IMPEACH BIDEN, HARRIS, and PELOSI and bring President Trump back as the REAL WINNER IN 2020!!!

      1. That’s court martial. Martial in this usage means military. This is a very wide spread error. No offense meant.

    1. Yep. It’s about eliminating American voters while installing thousands of refugees in swing states to steal upcoming elections. Disgraceful!

  7. Lets rember the spineless Republicans in both the house and senate in 2022
    Vote these morons out and put real
    Conservatives in control.All you voters that voted for this excause for a President should be so ashamed you allowed this to happen

  8. This is not our America ….leaving our nation people behind & flooding America with refugees not to mention Joe Biden gave the enemy American’s addresses to the Taliban.

  9. They are all just a huge lying pile of low life HUMAN S**T and you can smell all of them all around the world.

  10. Look at Kirby. There is something about his eyes. . He looks even more deranged than Dopey Joe Biden.

  11. I am completely shocked to hear lies from democrats. I don’t know how they don’t get their tongues tangled up.
    March them all a mile from the Whitehouse , lock the doors and take their keys.

  12. For Linda,Democrats have always been liers.they tell the black man ” we,er your friend” as they lead him off to slavery. I came from a southern long line of Democrats, all the way back to the 1800s, I have been republican since seeing what Nixon was up to.liers,cheaters,Thief,that’s the democrat calling card.

  13. kirby says “people are stranded all the time” while sacky says “no one is stranded.” two members of the clown car disagreeing but no one in the feckless “media” even notices. the comedy continues.

  14. It has been a long time coming — but since the likes of low life joe stole the office of Presidency, it is confirmed: America is a superpower no longer. He can be counted on to be a braindead, careless, spineless, zero dignity, narcistic low life traitor. His mental capacity cannot be blamed for the kind of hatred he has for all things pure and good. The way he treated family of military that he let be murdered is shocking, horrific. He creates an America in shambles.

  15. We have one of the lousiest governments we have ever had during my 82 years of living in and loving the USA it. Today I still would love it IF we had good people managing our government. There are a few decent people in DC, but THEY ARE SCARCE AND IF WE WANT TO ONCE AGAIN HAVE A GREAT NATION, IT IS TIME TO KICK A LOT OF THEM OUT NOW, NOT LATER AFTER THE NATION BECOMES DIES.

  16. Common man! You are ex military officer and you know how it feels the frustration when we have U.S. Citizens being left behind in the enemy land. Don’t make any statements or comments that are so far away from reality. Just simply say the truth that the “Administration failed” in Afghanistan.

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