Pentagon: Dozens of US Troops Family Members Still in Afghanistan

The news out of Afghanistan continues to be a problem for Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby informed the media that dozens of family members of US troops are still stuck in Afghanistan.

When asked exactly how many were left behind, Kirby stated that he did NOT “have a whole number on that.”

Excuse Me?

Kirby, while discussing the abandoned families, stated, “We believe it’s certainly most likely in the dozens, but one of the reasons we put the memo out last week was to encourage service members to come forward.”

“We’re working this as hard as we can.”

He added that the Pentagon takes “the obligation seriously to our people and to their families.”

Well, John, I hate to disagree with you, but considering you evacuated about 70,000 people with zero ties to this country and left families of service members behind, I can’t really agree that you are taking this seriously.

I mean, how were these families not the first members aboard the first plane that left the country?

Once we knew we were leaving, why were they not evacuated before anyone else?

Kirby added, “That’s why we put the advisory out to the services last week, to give them a place, a portal where they can go to put information on there that we can then share with our State Department colleagues to get them out.

“We’re going to stay at this.”

That is just not good enough.

I even gave this story a day before reporting it myself to see if there would be widespread outrage in the media, but I have yet to see it.

This is simply unacceptable, and this administration must be held accountable.

I know Democrats will not do it, which makes it imperative that Republicans fully take Congress in 2022 to hold Biden and every failed member of this administration accountable for their crimes against our fellow Americans.

Source: Fox News

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30 Responses

    1. Ok, I am confused. SERVICE MEMBERS FAMILIES LEFT BEHIND?? Are they talking about families that went to Afghanistan WITH the Service members or are they talking about Afghanistany Service members?? In all my years in the Marines no families could go into a war zone WITH the Service members.

  1. Each new day is more discouraging than
    the previous day. How can these Liberals
    not see what is happening to this great
    country? They have families to feed and
    gas to buy just like we do! It appears everything good President Trump did for this country in 4 years; they are determined to destroy! Make America great again, again!

  2. JUST IMAGINE… What if this TRAVESTY Would have happened under Trump (WHICH IT WOULD NOT HAVE) What our MSM and W/H Spokespersons would have said and would have acted???? But Under the brandon administration …………. ?????????? Silence… Are You Still There ? …. DRAIN THE STINKING SWAMP !

    1. If Trump had done that, we would have seen him hung, drawn and quartered on the White House lawn and we all know it. He couldn’t sneeze without the idiot media knowing about it or even squeeze out a silent but deadly fart and having it proclaimed to the whole world. Our country is being run by incompetents who have no clue what they are doing. T hbk ey act like the Wizard of Oz when he got caught and was frazzled.

  3. biggest idiot ever running our country from his care home
    we do not have a pres
    no one is there
    cfr , un is runnning things
    look at the evidence
    see what is really happening

    1. No, Obama behind the curtain is running things. Remember, he wanted to transform America — into a Third World Country. And, he is having great success with his “useful idiots.” Why do you think he wanted to remain in D.C.?

    1. You forgot to mention the ‘so called’ media being a bunch of liberal arse kissers, who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them square in their empty heads!!

  4. now you ALL know why this town clown stayed in his basement at home during the time he ran for president last year. Right? He did not have to answer any questions and the people were under the impression he would make a GREAT PRESIDENT. Well the people ,as dumb as they are. got FOOLED! Not me I did the RIGHT thing and if TRUMP runs he will get my VOTE!

  5. The only requirement to join the military. TOTAL STUPIDITY !!!!!
    Who would fight for these traitors ??

  6. I am so Thankful for this crappy show.
    Showing Biden’s policies compared to the prior administration! THANKS JOE !
    I hope he takes the entire Democrat party down with him . TRUMP 24

  7. It is sad to see that this government no longer has morals that use to represent this country. Allowing the media to instigate racial tensions, smear someone’s reputation without any proof, and most of all none of these people are held accountable. As we see with citizens left behind enemy lines how dangerous their lies have become. I’m sure these people have been suffering in silence. It’s time for the media to start taking up for their fellow man and bring light to this situation so the American people can demand that the government act at once to bring them home. You will not see this in the media because they are being censored by the Democrats.

  8. The sleepy creep wants amnesty for illegals. If he gets it the pandemic will end. All those new “citizens” will fill the job market and the race to the bottom will begin. FJB

  9. Unacceptable is a gross understatement of the truly traitorous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Bidumb and the entire JCOS should be proscecuted and removed from office under the UCMJ!

  10. Biden`s Dr. told him in August, he was not fit to be the President! The Pentagon and the Americans MUST NOT TRUST ANYTHING HE SAYS! The Pentagon should be REPLACED with people who will go to AFGHANISTAN and BRING OUR AMERICANS HOME! GOD BLESS THE USA!

  11. When the obvious hatred of one individual towards another results in stupid irresponsible decisions, disaster strikes. This is exactly what has happened in this case. Joseph R. Biden’s hatred of Donald Trump parallels that of Swamp Queen Pelosi’s. That is why we see the foolishness of the very biased “select committee on Jan 6” trying to create false accusations against President Trump and why we see disastrous results of the improper evacuation of Afghanistan. Biden has proven what a complete idiot he is with such ridiculous actions. He honestly doesn’t care about one American’s life other than those of his own family. The Biden administration is already a complete failure.

  12. You no that killing unborn babies is a sin and the devil cant take the babies souls but he has your sole in his hands and is laughing at you you will burn forever in hell .

  13. Biden needs to stop blaming people for his fu*k ups he has done what be king then you are the only dumb fu*k out there that is responsible God bless Trump and America

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