Pentagon REPORT: West Point Cadets Being Taught CRT

Fox News broke a massive report this week that has conservatives absolutely livid.

Appropriately, the report surfaced as liberal pundits were trying to sell people on the idea that Juneteenth is the actual Independence Day in this country.

The report found that Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum is being taught at West Point.

Woke from Within

I wrote a report the other day slamming pundits for trying to say that Juneteenth is our actual Independence Day.

I argued that Juneteenth is possible because of Independence Day, so there is simply no way it can replace our national holiday celebrating the birth of this nation.

This need to interject race into everything has become ridiculous, to the point white people are now supposed to be shamed at every turn.

There is one purpose behind such teaching… to create a civil war.

Pushing these narratives turns people into radicals, and Democrats know this.

On CRT being taught at West Point, Tom Fitton, the president of conservative watchdog Judicial Watch, stated, “Our military is under attack – from within.

“These documents show racist, anti-American CRT propaganda is being used to try to radicalize our rising generation of Army leadership at West Point.”

One slide in the presentation being given to West Point cadets states, “In order to understand racial inequality and slavery, it is first necessary to address whiteness.”

It goes on to claim that whiteness is “a location of structural advantage, of race privilege.”

Can you imagine anyone of any minority group reading that and not looking at his or her fellow white classmates with anything but anger and hatred in their eyes?

Let me ask a different question… how do they expect minority officers to react to a white superior officer giving them a command at that point?

Worse, how do they expect enlisted minority personnel to react to white officers giving commands?

Does it suddenly become about privilege and we see an uprising in the military due to these teachings, which are, by the way, completely inaccurate?

How do you guys feel about CRT being taught to our military personnel?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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23 Responses

  1. Well first the North owned slaves. The majority of whites in the south did not own any slaves at all. Next free blacks owned slaves and plantations in large numbers. I think blacks owning slaves was even worse than white because they owned their own people. Blacks are even the ones that sold them in Africa in the beginning.

    1. Your ignorance holds no bounds….South owned drives not the north….know your history before responding….civil was freeing the slaves in the south by the north…where did you get educated? By the CRT liars of America.

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      2. Actually if your want to tell someone to know their history you yourself should pick up a book. I am beyond a history expert but I have learned some things I didn’t know about slavery and one being the CIVIL WAR was NOT about SLAVERY when it began. If society wants to damn WHITE people over slavery cool but then you have damn EVERYONE over slavery – correct? That being said – the ONLY slavery that is shoved in your face is the TRANS ATLANTIC slave trade – as if that is where it all began?! NOT EVEN. There was a MUSLIM slave trade that was well into AFRICA DECADES BEFORE the Trans Atlantic slave trade even came about. There were also millions of WHITES sold and stolen from EUROPE and possibly other areas and sent to NORTH AFRICA to work on FARMS decades BEFORE the MUSLIM slave trade. Blacks owned slaves then and slavery still goes on today. You cannot damn one race for an act that your own race did throughout history and still does today. Lighter skinned slaves worked in or around the houses and darker skinned slaves worked the fields just like it was here. Be proud to be African – cool they should be. Everyone should be proud of who they are! You cannot condemn a race for an action but demand to be called AFRICAN American where blacks themselves stole and sold blacks as a commodity – it is NOT simply acceptable just because they were black too. If the WHITE people refused the slaves it was an INSULT to the BLACK kings and traders. SLAVERY occurred and continues ALL over the world today INCLUDING AFRICA!!! It is NOT just BLACKS that have been slaves throughout history. Mayans, Incans, Aztecs, owned slaves and were slaves!! Spanish (Spain – Latino) owned slaves!! Slavery absolutely was in the north and the south. The north became more industrialized faster and the need for labor – slave labor went down faster. NOT EVERY slave owner was bad or treated their slaves bad. Not EVERY slave owner was WHITE!!

      3. You should recheck your history! Civil war was fought because the North placed tariffs on goods from south to north, while no tariffs on goods north to south. Slavery was a side issue. Most slaves were owned by northern democrats who also owned most of the plantations in the south.

      4. There were white slaves before there were black slaves in America. The so called democratic party still has the blacks in chains…….slavery. When you depend on the government for a handout, you ARE a slave.

  2. We have to shut down any CRT in our government, military, and all schools from preschool to colleges and universities. It needs to be banned and illegal. Fire those and or jail instructors that teach it. This crap does not belong in America at all. We know our history and we all need to learn from it, not hide it away or come up with something new to satisfy idiot radicals and library’s. This and political correctness needs to go immediately. Cancel this holiday, it’s untrue and not needed, and it just divides us more.

  3. The only thing is being pushed here is that black people are better than anybody what kind of a sick joke is that Africa is June 19th might be their independence day but it’s not for us American citizens

  4. They won’t stop until they put black people in charge of every leadership position in this country and make white people slaves to the black people. That is their end goal.

  5. Absolutely ridiculous this needs to stop or the military will become if not already part of the problem, you republicans need to get your acts together and do your jobs and stop asking us to continue to donate monies from everyone. You get paid by the tax payers,so do Your jobs.

    1. Are you kidding me. Joe, you need to get your head out of your 6. You blame the Republicans for what the Democraps have done and will continue to do. Who pays the Democraps. The People, Pendejo. Your one of the most stupid Democraps I have read about. My suggestion to you is, take your brown 6 and Family back where they started your genes and zip it.

  6. CRT is being used as a tool to divide people by race maybe eventually turn the army on to the citizens. I don’t know why the media is allowing people to come on the news and say CRTs is combating racism when it’s doing the opposite and they’re flat out lying.

  7. I guess my post got deleted because the censurers didn’t know what the word “mollycoddling” means.


  9. In the army everyone is supposed to be green and in the navy all blue. If we lose that idea then it’s just going to be insubordination cause a white said something to a black which isn’t what the service was about when I was in the military. Rank is what is supposed to be followed nothing to do with skin color.

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  11. This is really disgusting. White soldiers in the union fought to free the slaves. That’s what Juneteenth is all about.

  12. What happened to the oath given (and taken) to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic? Seems that West Point had better be more choosy who they use as not only instructors but as administrators.

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