Pirro Wants Americans to Focus on Down-ballot Races to Stop Democrats

The amount of people that do not bother to look at down-ballot candidates is staggering in elections.

When you look at the number of votes received by local officials compared to the main ticket, it is apparent that far too many voters do not even look at the down-ballot candidates.

This, however, is where the real differences can be made, which is a point that Judge Jeanine drove him in her most recent show.

Vote Them Out

One of the reasons we have these high crime surges is because Democrats in office are favoring low-bail, no-bail policies.

A prime example is what happened in Wisconsin last week, as the suspect in the parade massacre had been freed on low bail twice already this year.

Pirro stated, “Tonight, I ask why, not just as a prosecutor, but as a mom, because Americans deserve to be able to go to parades, and tree lightings, and malls, without the threat of a career criminal killing them.

“Why? Why are people like Darrell Brooks, a life-long felon, a career criminal, a convicted sex offender, with multiple felonies, multiple firearm and assault convictions, a serial domestic-violence abuser who had an active warrant for bail jumping, who then ran over his girlfriend with his car and was granted $1,000 bail?

“Why are these people allowed to continue to act out their lives of violent crime like Brooks did last Sunday? Why?”

Pirro continued, “I’ll tell you why. Because evil degenerates like Brooks, who are a clear danger to the rest of us, are allowed to roam our streets because Democrat leftist legislators, Democrat mayors, progressive Soros-funded DAs, and judges with their heads up in the clouds and other places as well, allow them to.

“They want them out. They don’t care about you or any other victim.

“So, when you go to the polls in November – of course, the presidency, congressional representatives, senators, incredibly important positions – but if you want America to continue to exist, every township, borough, statehouse, state senate, judicial race, DA race, sheriff race, school board race, is what you need to focus on and focus fast. Because these Democrat DAs, legislators, and judges will continue their march to keep criminals out of jail.”

You can see her entire monologue in the video below…

Do you think Republicans can turn this around in 2022?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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15 Responses

  1. If these elections are kept legal and honest no crookedness then the republicans can win. Not like the last in 2020.

  2. Joe knows that he is a complete failure as President, And he was thinking about resigning, but according to rumors Jill won’t let him. I don’t know how factual this all is, but I found it interesting and controversial so I thought that others should look at this.

    1. The joe blow attitude is “0” with bo as his treasonous adviser to be dictator when biden vacuum between jioe’s ears implodes ! A dem’s treason support for bo’s 8 years of marxist, islamic tyranny is fact & #1 reason for Military trial !

  3. The mid term elections may well be the last chance we have o bring some law and order back, we need to look very carefully at who is running and what their platform is. Does the candidate want to follow the Constitution of does he or she want to throw it out. Does he or she support the radical lefts agenda or does he or she support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Does the candidate support low bail or no bail, does he or she support defunding the police. The list goes on and on the choice is ours vote for the person who closely supports your views and maybe not the party line. The choice is yours

  4. Republicans will not change anything until they stop the voter fraud. Nothing has been done about it so far.

    1. It “IS” being done, just “Not Talked About” by the Dems in charge . . . especially the ‘”Lap Dog Media” !

  5. It’s worse than even Judge Jeanine says. The far left wants criminals like Brooks out, the Marxist BLM and ANTIFA rioting and looting, and the Jeffrey Epstein’s preying on our children so that law abiding citizens will eventually BEG the government provide SECURITY at the expense essential LIBERTIES. Benjamin Franklin had a few words about this.

  6. With ALL, of the Democratic Stupidity having been DONE, an NOT Done ( As once was once Promised ) all the Democrats are going to be, is BEAT ! . . . its going to be “Reagen 84” X 10 . . . a “Complete Runaway” ! ! !

  7. The Republicans have opened and won the hearts , minds, votes and the 2022 election. IT IS THEIRS TO LOSE THRU ELECTION FRAUD. If this fraud threat is not removed entirely, starting now, this country is lost. Purge the Electorial Commissions, State by State , where these election “anomalies” occcured and shield certified election machines from wireless/internet connections. Republicans get busy. NOW !!!

  8. Obama and Clinton and now Biden are all new world order followers. We don’t have a chance because trump won and he’s still not president. This administration shouldn’t even be there. Vaccine will kill off all Democrats by 2022 so we have that to look forward to

  9. There is no left or right, there is them and us, in an ideal democracy, we shouldn’t have these voter fraud issues, a national election every 4 years, and in that time, no time to run a vital records to registered citizens scan to gleen the dead people, and inelegable to vote.
    I came up with a fool proof system to end voter fraud for good, and no one is interested, why, because simple is best, and when things are complicated, it is easier to move the line without detection BOTTOM LINE!

  10. What should be shown on a ballot, behind each name, is the initial “D” or “R”! That would be a little less confusing for most people!
    Once that is known, then it would be a simple search to know what their platforms are. Of course, they need to stop promising and lying! That, in itself, is hard for political figures!

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