POLL: Abbott Surges Ahead of Democrat O’Rourke

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott is going to have several primary challengers in the next election.

Even with the popularity of actor Matthew McConaughey, if he decided to run as a Republican, it is tough to imagine any of them beating Abbott out for the right to run in the general election.

The good news for Abbott is that if he does get the nod again, his likely opponent, Beto O’Rourke, is now tanking in the polls.

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Even though there has been a clear surge of liberals moving to Texas, this is still a red state when it counts.

Abbott took a pretty good hit when attacks were coming at him from both the left and the right, mostly over policies in the early days of the pandemic.

At one point, he was tied with Beto O’Rourke in the polls and trailing McConaughey.

That has changed significantly in the latest polling.

Abbott is still underwater on approval rating, but he is back on track with a 43-48 rating. I would suspect he will get that five points back over the next few polls.

O’Rourke was only polling at 35 percent, so Abbott has now created a comfortable margin between them.

McConaughey, who has made some statements as of late that would fall more on the left than right, has also slipped, now polling at 35 percent.

The race really now depends upon Chad Prather and Allen West.

As mentioned above, it is unlikely either of them will defeat Abbott in a primary, but if they run third-party in the general, they could steal away just enough votes to hand the state of Texas over to Democrats.

I do not believe either of them would do that, knowing what is at stake right now, but egos are dangerous, so time will tell on that front.

Source: Newsmax

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15 Responses

  1. Texas is a RED state. Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. God and Country, 🇺🇲🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Traditional marriage, family, education, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, right to bear arms, CITIZENSHIP!!! and the likes.

  2. I can see that the COMMUNIST CENSORS are alive and well on this site !!!! DEGENERATE LIBERALS !!! # LET’S GO BRANDON” !!!!

  3. It’s simple. We will simply shove whoever tries to bring this hero, Abbott down out in the cold. He is the man. Abbott is the man. Abbot is not going down but going up. Maybe, to be vice president of the President after Trump.

  4. The problem as I see it, is there’s no such thing as an honest politician. Some are so greedy, corrupt and power mad that they truly don’t care about the voters or taxpayers who have to pay for the indulgences of politicians. Some politicians know where the line is and won’t cross it, unfortunately over the course of several years, extreme leftist democrats decided to cross the line to the point of committing treason. I’m sure there’s a few RNC politicians who have done treasonous acts as well. Every last politician who has blatantly put this country, the citizens or the constitution in harm’s way should be arrested, charged and tried for each count of their crimes and upon conviction, given the harshest punishment and maximum sentence under the law.

    1. that is a no brainer very well put but we know this will never happen until we the people draw the line with promises of 1776 revisited

  5. What a joke! Hollywood McConaughey throwing his hat in the ring? Wow. I have a business degree, but I think I’ll take up brain surgery.

  6. Abbot stands for Constitution
    and freedom! I’m not from Texas
    but I stand for the Constitution
    and Freedom ! And Religious
    freedom as a Christian! And free
    speech! Anyone who stands up
    for are Constitution and Freedoms is a person who needs
    to be re-Elected.

  7. battle lines are being drawn. armageddon is only 30 years away and demoncrats are clear in which side they support. if opork wins in texas, i believe america becomes amerika, (the people’s republic of). it’s up to you in texas.

  8. Come on Texas get behind your governor and keep Texas free from Biden and the liberals in the democratic party

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