POLL: Abbott Goes to Double-Digit Lead Over O’Rourke

With Matthew McConaughey officially out of the governor’s race for the great state of Texas, it is now more or less a head’s up battle.

In all likelihood, Abbott will get the GOP nod and O’Rourke will get the Democrat nod.

Barring any primary upsets and a third-party entry that could draw votes away from Abbott, the current governor is 15 points ahead of O’Rourke.

Three-time Loser

I was somewhat stunned when Beto thought he even had a chance in this race.

O’Rourke got his 15 minutes of fame running against Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in the Senate race.

Beto gave Cruz a run for his money, but Cruz distanced himself late and held his seat.

Beto then decided to run for president even after he could not win his own state, and he was never a serious contender even though he had some significant star power behind him.

Now he is going for his third strike by running for governor in Texas.

Abbott still has to get out of the primary, as Colonel West and Chad Prather are both going to challenge him.

I am not exactly going out on a limb saying that Abbott will defeat them both, but the question is if one or both of them run as a third-party candidate.

If they do that, they could draw away enough votes from Abbott to make this race interesting.

I am hoping they don’t do that. Instead, they will hopefully open a dialogue with Abbott and work with him rather than against him.

Republicans must hold this state, period, which means a head’s up battle in the election.

Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy stated, “How far behind is Beto O’Rourke?

“Fifteen points is more than your typical two touchdown deficit in football and an even bigger hole in the game of politics.

“That said, Texas is a big state with big issues and there’s a lot of time to play catchup between now and Nov. 8, 2022.”

Malloy is right in there being plenty of time, but he failed to mention that O’Rourke was in single digits only a month ago, and now, he faces a massive deficit.

We don’t want to get too cocky here, but there is simply no way O’Rourke will ever get enough support to win this state.

Source: Fox News

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12 Responses

  1. beat by abbot ….Duh ! beto ,beto beto the perennial loser ,will he wear his peter pan costume while on his skate board

  2. Beto is not a popular guy in Texas, to say the least.Unless something really strange happens,he hasn’t got an ice cube’s chance in hell!

  3. O’rourke is a demrat.cant be trusted for anything.wants open borders and take away guns..he don’t even belong in texas.

  4. Another liberal who wants to change the way Texans live to the way he wants them too, he is going to lose. What? Give up the peoples freedom and guns. Not a chance in the world. You go Gov. Abbott.

  5. he is a nut job should be in a straight jacket he is the one who flew over the nest this fruit is nuts

  6. Well, I don’t see HELL FREEZING OVER anytime soon so, of course the idiot will lose, “BETO” is a RETARD, PERIOD !!! ALSO….F**K JOE BIDEN !!!!

    1. Hopefully this betowill be sent to the “home”, BUT, how much influance will the CA migration have in Texas politics?

  7. Beto came out swinging, saying, if elected, he would disarm the state of Texas. If ignorance is bliss, this guy is stoned out of his mind!

  8. Well this could be interesting we will just have to wait and see if the people of Texas are going to stay with the GOP

  9. Pee boy is an idiot and he doesnt hide it well. Yeah he’s gonna come for your guns, he’s gonna stop conservatists and religion. blah blah blah and people donate money for this moron.

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