POLL: Biden Approval Rating Lowest of Presidency

The trend in polling should have this administration very worried.

Just Biden just got his worst approval rating to date.

What should be even more concerning is that this trend is showing in all polls across the board, and now his decline is accelerating.

The Polling

Before I get into this poll, I want to explain how I look at polling.

I am a firm believer that 1,000 people cannot accurately represent the entire country, so the hard numbers of any poll mean little to me.

However, what I do believe polls are great for showing are trends.

By looking at different polls taken on the same subject as well as the historical trend of individual polls, I think we get a fairly accurate picture of how the country is leaning.

In this case, Joe Biden has been sliding in approval rating since he took office.

Over the last two months, that slide has accelerated, with Joe Biden now starting to take on water.

He has not gone under quite yet, but 50 percent is his lowest approval rating to date and the trend in the Gallup poll follows what we see in other polls recently published.

Joe Biden is going to live and die by the pandemic, as his approval ratings in most other areas have been underwater after his first two months in office.

With the Delta variant starting to spread and talks of new mask mandates and another possible lockdown, Biden is starting to tank in his overall rating.

Honestly, this could be one of the quickest falls from grace in presidential history, as Joe Biden was tickling 60 percent in some polls and above that in others when first taking office.

If he falls under 50 percent before the end of the year, 2022 will be a bleak election for Democrats.

Source: Breitbart

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