Mike Pompeo: Using American Money to Bribe Taliban ‘Absolutely ludicrous’

Just what is the plan to get Americans out of Afghanistan now that our forces are off the ground?

Nobody really knows the answer to that question, but there is a lot of speculation.

One possibility is that payments will be made to the Taliban, which former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called “absolutely ludicrous.”

The Big Picture

Joe Biden continues to try to blame the fact that Americans were left behind on Donald Trump and his administration.

What the media is largely ignoring is that Biden completely changed the plan in place by Trump.

Biden literally left the country within weeks, but Trump’s plan was already months in the making and would have taken an additional four months after his second term would have started.

Everything was conditionally based, an agreement that was actually broke after Trump left office.

That is something else that Biden never admits… he could have pulled out of the deal after the Taliban violated the agreement.

Pompeo discusses this and more during a recent appearance on Fox News.

If there is one video you watch in full today, this is it…

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

  1. Biden makes me sick, He will never admit to being at fault. Not only did he leave people there he left the animal too!

  2. Only real answer is to charge him with treason. He did what taliban told him to do and ignored America. He doesn’t work for us at all.

  3. Biden and Harris both need to be impeached and his whole administration needs to go. Biden/Harris did not win the 2020 election, it was rigged. His whole administration is brainless. The whole mess of Afghan, the blood of 13 Patriotic young soldiers is on Biden’s whole administration and the stupid communist democrats that voted for this brain dead idiot! How dumb can you be? President Trump better take over as our country can not last another 3 1/2 years under these stupid idiots! Our borders are being broken in by sucking bottom feeders that 1 in 3 have Covid and other diseases. While Americans have rules about masks and whether to take the mandated covid shots, these illegal aliens are being flown to American cities around our country, given unlimited debit cards to have a life here! Biden/Harris don’t care about Americans, their goal while in office is to make our country a communist nation! Wake up America, his whole administration including the two imbeciles need to be impeached ASAP!

    1. I totally agree with you! Impeach Biden/Harris & their whole cabinet of morons!😡

    2. Let starts a campaign to stop calling Biden President. Call him, Mr. Biden. Always call President Trump President.

    3. You are so right, Gail! Biden is a total disaster, and that is what you get, when a country allows an election to be rigged, as though we are a third-world country!

  4. Biden blames Trump for everything, Biden has brought the downfall ofAmerica. Biden is a disgrace he could never measure up to President Trump. Impeach Biden bring in our real President Trump.

  5. So who did Xiden evacuate from Afghanistan? Was it the Military? Was it American citizens working there? Was it green card holders who were vetted? No, no, and no. What did we get? Anyone who could get on a plane unvetted and unable to speak English. And were are the translators? Left behind. Translators from other countries had to be imported to translate. Stupid and treasonous. And it’s going to cost billions with a “B” to provide services for the illegals and Afghanistanies, many of whom are terrorists. Are you mad yet?

  6. With all the Un- American things Biden and his Administration has done to America. They should be strung up on the lawn of the Whitehouse !!!!!! We have criminals and murderers in our house !!!! “Do Something “

  7. This whole mess is only because Biden refuses to follow anything that Trump had done. It was because Trump’s name was connected to the exit agreement and plan that Biden changed it. He has referenced the Trump plan on a few occasions as an excuse. But that makes it all the more obvious that he intentionally changed the plan only because Trump’s name was connected to it. He would not allow any segment of the plan to be used. His Trump Derangement Syndrome is a very serious mental illness. He is not competent to be president.

  8. I was told among our equip left behind we left behind cash too
    They dont need bribes.
    They have:
    o Our Mil Gear
    o Our cash from Mil Gear
    o Biometric scanning
    & its the biggest terror army due to OUR equip

  9. The story I got was the ex-military had to go back in and get them so they did not defy Biden’s orders

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