Pompeo Blasts Biden’s ‘Weakness’ with Taliban

The Biden administration will do everything it can to blame this Afghanistan fiasco on Trump, but this is his to own.

Trump dealt with the Taliban in a far different way, and it was working.

Biden has cowered to the Taliban and allowed them to gobble up massive chunks of Afghanistan without saying a word.

This has drawn the ire of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who was more than happy to point out the error of Joe Biden’s ways.

Weakness Begets War

Donald Trump wanted peace in Afghanistan, but he also understood you had to buckle the Taliban to make them respect you.

Trump ratcheted up attacks against terrorist groups almost from the moment he took office… and it paid off.

He was able to bring the Taliban to the table to negotiate a peace deal solely because he kept the pressure on.

Even then, there were skeptics, but the process seemed to be working.

Joe Biden has taken a different approach, preferring a fully diplomatic solution, and it is not working.

As we all know, the Taliban has made a massive push since our forces left the area, with 11 provincial capitals having already fallen to the Taliban.

Mike Pompeo pulled no punches on this front, stating, “It looks at best naïve and at worst ignorant. Weakness begets war, and you can see what weak leadership ultimately leads to.”

He continued, “We had a conditions-based plan for how we would get our young men and women back home.

“We were going to get our soldiers back, and we were going to make sure that this kind of thing you are seeing happened today could not happen, which is a breeding ground for what could potentially be terror attacks coming from this very place.

“I’ll never forget the president saying, ‘You got two missions, Mike. We have got to have an orderly plan and execution of leadership to actually do that, and then, second, you’ve got to make sure that we are never attacked from this place.’”

That is what Biden does not want anyone to know… that Trump actually had a plan, whereas he clearly did not.

It will ruin the narrative that this debacle is all Trump’s fault, but anyone with an ounce of common sense knows this is all on Joe Biden.

Biden has already been forced to send 3,000 troops back to help facilitate the draw-down at the embassy, with thousands more troops in reserve if needed.

The administration is adamant this is only a short-term mission with a very focused agenda, however.

If the Taliban continues to take territory, that may not be the case.

If Biden has to send forces back into Afghanistan on a more permanent basis, I have little doubt it will cost Democrats both Congress and the White House in upcoming elections.

Source: New York Post

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23 Responses

  1. Biden just goes willy nilly shutting things down and raising taxes and not thinking about the ramifications of what he is doing….oh thats right he cannot think\

    1. No one wants 9.11 people in the US but Biden brings them in and ‘puts them (nefarious actors) in high ranking positions in our government. Now we have the same terrorists who cheered 9.11 going to Jewish neighborhoods and synagogues and Stabbing them!! Thank you racist and radical Biden Administration and his commies! Everyone feels really safe…NOT!

  2. Time to leave to leave Afgahnastan after this debacle of so many years, wasted lives and wasted money, A Jahadi once told me you will never understand us. Diplomacy doesn’t worked with Americans And Afghans, The game has come to an end!

    1. And don’t forget the radical left, big tech, Soros and his ilk as well as those who love to hate our great President Trump, those who are power hungry, greedy, self-centered, and just plain subhuman.

  3. This entire Administration needs to be Impeached, they are as useless as chop sticks to a person that has no hands!

  4. Joe Biden. The only individual to hold the office of president who is so cognitively impaired that it would be unsafe for him to walk home by himself in the dark.
    The only weapon displayed to date that might deter Taliban from attacking the USA is Kamala Harris giving her loud and inappropriate kackle laugh, which just might scare them away.
    Poor Jimmy Carter. He used to hold the title of being the worst president the USA ever had.
    Then came B.H. Obama, and he slipped to second place.
    Then came J. Biden, and he slipped to third place.
    Apparently, if the democrats do as planned, J. Biden will be removed and K. Harris installed, or N. Pelosi, perhaps. Then poor ole Jimmy Carter will die of old age as only 4th worst president… or perhaps if N. Pelosi impeaches K. Harris [possible] and installs herself as President.. Jimmy will die as the 5th worst president in history…
    Just when you think “It can’t get any worse than it is”, the democrats deliver a new prize of failure.

  5. Biden isn’t running this country, it’s the USA hating Communist DemonRats that are running it and it’s their goal to destroy this country anyway they can! only one way to put a stop to them…it’s known as Death!

  6. All Pinocchio Biden is doing is undoing what Trump put in place at the behest of Obama of course and they do not care what the out come will be from doing this. they are hope or at least thinking it will hurt Trump and be blamed on him and hurt his chances of running in 2024 but I am happy to say it will not. This is ALL on Biden. This is his doing and we all know it. This is an act of revenge against Trump as is everything else he does. That’s all it is REVENGE…2022 will be our time to get revenge on the commie democrats when we can and will remove them from power and the Pig will be gone from her ivory tower and golden gavel…

  7. Takes a special person to constantly be attacked by the media. Have Never seen the Left so scared of a President (Trump). There are more Lies being thrown now than when this man was in office. For a man to cause this stir in such Vermon he has to be Gods Gift. I just read there hammering away at him because of Mike Lyndell. And its driving them totally INSANE. I think its funny as Hell. Saw a Survey showing the top 30 worst Presidents where they said Trump was #4. And with over 100 million plus that voted for him back Nov ( Or 80 mill). Kinda hard to believe that one. Hell Joe cant count to 30.lol Well Time will tell.

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