Pompeo Launches New PAC to ‘Crush’ Conservative Adversaries

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been making quite the splash this week.

On Sunday, Pompeo appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss Biden’s overseas trip, obliterating both Biden and the Democrat agenda in the process.

Tuesday, however, Pompeo dropped a bombshell that is getting a lot of attention.

The Biden Agenda

If you missed Fox News Sunday, you missed a great interview with Pompeo regarding Biden’s trip.

His matter-of-fact presentation should be a real eye-opener for those thinking Joe the Nice Guy is what this country really needs right now…


That interview created a stir, but that was nothing compared to the buzz by Tuesday afternoon.

Early Tuesday, Pompeo sent out a tweet that read, “I’ve begun my efforts already to make sure that we build a team so that we can help conservative candidates crush their adversaries in November of 2022.”

He was referring to the team that will help him run Champion American Values PAC, or CAVPAC.

Pompeo will now be able to raise unlimited funds to help Republicans battle against the massive amounts of dark money pouring into the Democrat Party right now.

Pompeo has yet to announce if he will run in 2024, likely waiting for Trump to decide.

However, he did state, “We’re going to stay in this fight,” so he has no plans on just shrinking into the background no matter what.

Right now, Pompeo is focused on winning in 2022, stating, “We want to make sure that we build out an organization that actually delivers measurable effective outcomes.”

You can read more about Pompeo’s PAC and comments on Fox News.

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4 Responses

  1. Those 7% that said Pinocchio Biden was doing a good job are the ones that are CNN’s total audience….No I have never said this before nor have I posted this before..

  2. I watched lyin hiden Biden today at Geneva….he couldn’t square off with Putin…all I could think of is one of Bugs Bunnies famous quotes..” What a Maroon” also I have a close friend who is from Russia..legally in the USA..Loves this country and Trump..he told me he was watching an interview with Putin on NBC OR MSNBC, He told me the captions wre not telling what Putin was saying ..in other words straight out lying!!!!!!!!Folks we is in big Trouble!!!!

  3. Agree, Pompeo is a good man who loves our country. Back this pac and help republicans take back what was stolen.

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