Postal Worker Pleads Guilty to Tossing Election Ballots

The idea that the 2020 election was on the complete up and up just took another blow this week.

Nicholas Beauchene, a 26-year-old mail carrier, has confessed to disposing of mail that contained roughly 100 general election ballots.

Is that enough to swing the election? Obviously not, but it adds more credence to the demand of Republicans to further investigate the 2020 election.

The Charge

According to reports, Beauchene acknowledged that he tossed 1,875 pieces of mail.

Among that mail were nearly 100 election ballots.

This did not appear to be politically motivated, according to the report.

In this case, the mail was eventually retrieved and delivered, but Republicans will jump all over this to question how many other mail carriers possibly did this and did not get caught.

It Doesn’t Matter

Both sides have the same argument for a different reason.

Democrats say this is typical of the problems we have seen, meaning it was not widespread enough to warrant a massive investigation.

Republicans say that we have the opportunity to rid our elections of irregularities like this once and for all, so let’s investigate and fix the problems regardless of whether it would make a difference in the election outcome.

This is especially true regarding the United States Postal Service, where previous allegations have been made regarding other discarded ballots as well as backdating ballots so they would count.

Source: The Hill & American Digest

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9 Responses

  1. The postal carrier should be arrested for interfering with the mail and throwing away mail? Isn’t that considered a felony? He should be prosecuted!

  2. I absolutely agree Patty…there should be NO ROOM for this kind of behavior in the Postal Service. They want and try to demand our respect and understanding but then something like this comes up. ALSO in question is the format from which they accept people to be carriers or work in the facilities. I realize they’re “short” of workers but it is better to have quality than quantity of those who you can’t trust. Ste sights higher when hiring…


  3. I will not send anything important through our post office! They have found thousands of cards three years in a row of Christmas cards that were torn open looking for gift cards and money. They traced it back to the mail carrier and nothing was done. They said its a very trying time of year for them and they wanted to give them counselling! Lets face it, the postal service has taken a major decline. To be honest with the shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and others there is no longer any need for the USPS. Big waste of money. If I can order from Amazon and its shipped by FedEx or UPS in a day or two, and the same package through the USPS takes a week, than it’s time to close up the USPS and give our mail to the professionals! Bye-bye USPS! Good Ridden!

  4. I believe that our Legislators (Democrat and Republican) are missing the mark regarding our federal election. Both parties make are making the same arguments (that throwing away a small number of ballots) won’t bring a different result. However, this is totally misplaced. Any act that will cause the “integrity”of the election to be compromised has caused a great harm to the election itself. This is exactly why so many swing states have begun state audits because the integrity has been compromised.

  5. Elections & voting should ONLY be allowed after PROPER ID & IN Person at a POLLING place! PERIOD End this crap and do things the way the founders intended! I don’t get it! Except that it gives libbertarded Democrats opportunity to CHEAT and manipulate the outcome! That way We can concentrate on the 20 other ways they found to cheat in the last election, pulling out all the stops and using everything to ensure the Biggest Idiot the Democrats Ever Nominated could win

  6. Dem-o-rats have been perfecting voter fraud for as long as I can remember going back to Kennedy,and Johnson.Then when they stated using machines in Kommiefornia I read about vote switching (always for dem-o-rats).Then when Obozo won reelection I suspected something “fishy”,but nobody really complained so it was swept under the rug.When Hillary ran they thought she was a done deal,but underestimated “WE DEPLORIBLES”.Trump won and the dem’s tried everything to undermine him,but nothing worked (until covid).Dem’s used this to craft a rigged system,along with media and big tech to steal the election.But they overdid it and it’s obvious it was fraudulent.Audits should prove this if not shut down by the left.If they are shut down,we’ll NEVER have an honest election again.Then expect a Venezuelian style election with a pre-determined leader picked by a cabal.

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