President Biden’s Russian Secret Exposed – Prison Shocker Revealed…

The premature evacuation in Afghanistan.


America’s southern border.

The war in Ukraine.

Obviously, these were all HUMONGOUS failures, but Joe Biden may have saved his worst for last.

On this one issue he has showed more incompetence than we have ever seen from the executive branch, and former National Security Advisor John Bolton wants America to know what Biden’s biggest failure is:

The Russian imprisonment of Brittney Griner.

Bolton had some stern words for Joe Biden, who appears ready to pay quite a hefty fee to Russia for the release of Griner.

Griner was recently sentenced to nine years in Russian prison for trying to illegally bring drugs into the country.

She was found to be transporting marijuana when she entered into the country for a basketball game.

In order to appease the liberal media who label Griner a hero despite never attending even one of her games, Biden immediately offered at least one high-profile Russian prisoner in exchange for Griner.

A dangerous Russian asset released in return for a tall weed smoker.

Joe Biden does NOT understand national security…

“I don’t dispute at all that the families and friends of the hostage certainly want their loved one returned,” Bolton said. “And we can all sympathize with that. But think of the next American who gets taken hostage and the one after that, and the ones who are killed because people think that we’re weak and if they demand a high enough price or they use the hostage to get something else they want, that we’re inclined to give in.”

To read more about this story, click on the source here.

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19 Responses

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  2. Griner should never attempted in a foreign country what she could get away with here.

  3. griner is as unAmerican as any of the Russians she is dealing with. Even if this foolish exchange takes place, and I’m sure the village idiot-in-chief will give up most anything to look like the hero he is not, she will come back here and bad-mouth the USA for whatever reason. She should do those 9 years for being as ignorant as a basketball.

  4. What a stupid egotist stunt, taking drugs into another country. Who does this pig think she is?

    Griner should be left in Russa to rot.

  5. Biden should not try to make an exchange and let her pay the price for her stupidity.

  6. Forget her Biden, Griner did the crime, let her do the time. Besides, we would be getting the short end of the stick with this exchange!

  7. No one cares about (Papa Smurf) Bolton’s opinions, he is a self serving war monger.
    Griner and any other American who breaks the laws of a country deserve what they get, period.

  8. Screw griner let her Rot in Prison in Russia she’s a Traitor to America and Americans and she’s a drug mule

  9. If this was a Russian convicted in our country of breaking the law just how willing would we be to allow them to escape punishment? She admitted taking illegal drugs into Russia so there is no doubt about guilt. That only leaves the question of why this country should be so willing to make a prisoner exchange in this particular case. She broke the law got caught got convicted got sentenced now she needs to pay the price like any other individual convicted of a crime. Being a basketball star does not exempt one from abiding by the law.

  10. I guess Griner should have considered what country she was going to when she put the drugs in her bag

    Surprised she didn’t get death penalty – with Putin – just to make things interesting for Biden and his incompetent staff

  11. National Security, Joe Biden can’t even say that much les do it. His refusal to stop the southern border invasion is a violation of his oath of office and grounds for immediately and justified impeachment followed by removal from office.

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