Progressive Activist Groups Turning on Joe Biden

Joe Biden made a lot of promises on the campaign trail during the 2020 campaign.

He has delivered on few of them.

It is costing him, especially with far-left progressive groups that are now demanding action.

Just Not Enough

When Joe Biden was running for office, he said Beto O’Rourke was going to help him take people’s guns away.

After Biden got the keys to the White House, he not only ditched Beto, but he also shrunk away from the radical stance because he knows he cannot get the legislation passed.

Now the groups that supported him on this position alone are starting to fire back at Biden.

Peter Ambler, executive director for the gun safety group Giffords, stated, “He can’t just be the ‘eulogizer in chief.’

“He also needs to put the full force of his office into the legislative process.

“Otherwise, it will seem like he’s lost hope.

“I think he can have an impact if he and the whole White House swing into action.”

Igor Volsky, executive director of the advocacy group Guns Down America, added, “It’s been Biden offering platitudes without offering any solutions.

“Who came up with this strategy? It’s just bizarre.”

Unless you confiscate every gun in the country and lock down the border, these dream laws Democrats want to enact will never work.

And I can guarantee this government would have a war on its hands domestically if it ever announced something so radical.

Secondly, there are real solutions that can work in terms of school security that would prevent these shootings from happening, but Democrats want nothing to do with them.

This country loves to villainize conservatives while at the same time giving Democrats a pass for refusing to enact basic security measures that would make a significant difference in this country.

Dems are too focused on getting that big win, however, to even sit down at the table.

Source: Politico

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8 Responses

  1. Act like Romney or Liz ,
    You lose me , vote with Democrats or condemn political opponents and you lose me , so not unlike Elon Musk :
    I will be voting for Republicans down the ticket .! … MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
    Let’s go BRANDON ! #1 ultra mega man !

  2. Taking away people’s protection will never work. There have been guns in our history all the way back to this Country’s beginning. Biden is trying to make America the most open and vulnerable place to live. He has depleted the military, opened up our borders, and is now trying to take away the people’s guns that have obtained them legally, but let the actual criminals keep theirs.

  3. The Democrats want to take your rights away to protect yourself. Even in the schools they promote the bullies and punish the victims.

    1. You are so right. The next thing the criminals get is an interview and a book or movie.

  4. There’s no way they can get all the guns away from bad guys. The rest of us will be defenseless.

  5. How can America let a sick SOB run America he totally lost we must get him out at any cost Hes a looser?

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