REPORT: Prosecutor Held Back Issuing Hunter Biden Search Warrants

Many conservatives were concerned about how politics would come into play when the Delaware investigation was opened up into Hunter Biden.

As it turns out, their fears were very much justified.

Reports are now breaking that the prosecutor in the case delayed the issuing of search warrants and subpoenas to not impact the election cycle.

Protecting Joe Biden

One would think that our Justice Department would want Americans to know if a candidate running for president or a member of his or her family was corrupt.

Even putting that aside, the wheels of justice should not be halted for anyone, especially a government figure.

That, however, is exactly what appears to have happened during the 2020 presidential election.

Fox News, Politico, and numerous other outlets are now reporting that Delaware’s US Attorney David Weiss held back on grand jury subpoenas and search warrants regarding the Hunter Biden investigation during the election.

Weiss has been investigating Hunter Biden since 2018, and Hunter has vehemently denied any wrongdoing in the case.

Furthermore, both Hunter and Joe Biden have floated the idea the laptop that has a treasure trove of damning information against both Joe and Hunter is possibly Russian disinformation.

The contents of that laptop have been examined and authenticated by numerous outside sources, including a former US intelligence agent specializing in this type of forensic work.

Weiss was appointed to his current position during the Trump demonstration, but the former president has not yet commented on this latest news.

Several other high-profile Republicans have, however, with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) among them…

If charges are eventually filed against Hunter Biden, it will be one of the biggest deceptive campaigns ever run against the American people.

Sources: Fox News & Politico

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51 Responses

    1. It just really upsets me how we are seeing the double standards in enforcing our laws when it comes to Democrats. They have been sitting on this since 2018??? Where are ALL of the Legal people, Lawyers, Attorney Generals, people who know the laws and the Constitution and who know and have seen the double standards and 90% say NOTHING. The word “SCUMBAGS” came out of Law Schools.

    2. That sure has been proven to be very,vert,very TRUE!! Worst Ever Along With Obama !!!!!!!!!!!! Worst Ever In HISTORY !!! They Need To be Put in Jail IMMEDIATELY!!!! Then the truth needs to come to light how HORRIBLE THEY REALLY ARE!!!

  1. We need to recall Joe Biden from fraudulent election and corruption now. America wants justice against him now.

    1. I don’t know why it is taking so long against the Biden’s, if that were Trump and his family they would be getting impeached right off the beginning! Especially if they showed any of Trumps kids smoking a crack pipe! Like Hunter

      1. What would the Dems do without the Russian’s? If the Russians were wiped off the face of the planet, the Dems would not have anyone to blame for everything they concoct. The Russians are their great escape for all their misgivings.

  2. None of this is a surprise to me, because I know how crooked and corrupt our federal govt., and judicial system has become! The American people can no longer put any trust in it!

  3. Weiss should be charged with withholding criminal information and should be charged with obstruction. The Bidens should be charged with money laundering and other chargers that are pertinent.

    1. That’s right, Weiss , Broke The Law , Arrest him now , then both Biden’s !

  4. Different rules for Democrats at the top than for you and I (who would have been halfway through our prison sentence by now if we would have done what Hunter did).

  5. All i can say if it were Trump Jr. that did what Hunter Biden did it would have been all over every new network even if it was a election. Its ok for Hunter to do crimes and not face jail time. But god forbid if it had to do with the Trump campaign Trump would be in jail and TRump jr would also be in jail ?? Boy it’s so nice to crime and have someone to cover for you and hid you. And they call it fair justice? What in the hell is going on with the FBI and the justice department. Its all one way for certain people. True Americans all over see this. Guess everyone that voted for Biden didn’t care how scandlest and corupt his family is. What a traitor. Hes and his family are scum bags. His bad carma will certainly follow him all his days to come.

  6. Arrest those crooked pos. The idiot fake president should be hung for treason. Special Forces should be allowed to execute the pos. He is responsible for Seal Team 6 getting shot down by US Stinger missile sold by the witch Hildebeast. Execute them. Burning them at a stake televised on national television may act as a deterrent in to these law breakers. They operate without impunity because NOTHING HAPPENS!!! It shows the level of corruption existing in Washington DC. As the witch stated in regards to Benghazi, IF SHE GOES DOWN SHE IS TAKING ALL OF WASHINGTON DC WITH HER. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Republican or Democrap, they are all corrupt. The government employees union should be shutdown. They need to be fired and lose their pension if they are caught. Politicians should not be allowed to create neither compensation or benefits for themselves. Their increases should be based upon inflation and not to exceed 4%. Their medical should be based upon what the people are offered. PACS should be eliminated and they should be on 8 year max term limits. They should not be able to lobby nor invest in any company they are creating legislation on and that would include family. Every politician should be investigated when their wealth exceeds their compensation. Like Nasty Piglosi and Mad Max Waters. The corruption must end.

    1. you tellem Mark I a,m to pissed off to tal;k about it the whole damn lot of them need to swing.

  7. Anyone that’s watched Joe the Criminal since he started in the Senate in 73 knows he’s a do-nothing lump of detritus who thinks very highly of himself, which puts him in the minority. Now he’s a polished liar and criminal with an incredibly dishonest, freeloading family, who all think they’re some sort of royalty. It’s amazing he’s still walking around free. Helps to be a democrat.

  8. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why all of the corrupt politicians fear this great person known as President Trump.

  9. The corrupt US attorney david Weiss should lose his license and be indicted along with the most corrupt family in political history the Biden’s. Where are the republicans we elected to protect us. They are letting the radicals destroy our country. PLEASE DO YOUR JOB

  10. Conservatives are going to jail for J walking while the Dems are permitting criminals to walk fee out of jail. Dem’s are telling Cuban’s boat people not to come as they will not be permitted to enter our country. How ever, they are welcoming illegals with open arms at the southern open border? How is that kind, loving and fair? Could it be that Cuban’s lean more to the conservative side of the isle? Cuban’s are being murdered by their communist party while people at the southern border people are looking free meal and a new way of life. How ever, they are not being murdered by their governments. This is very sick and selfish by the Dem’s. There will be hell to be pay. May God be with us.

  11. Hunter will be prosecuted shortly after Hillary is.
    In other words, just another scandal to be swept under the rug and forgotten.

  12. Unfortunately, when many public servants are given a little authority, they immediately begin to exercise illegal and unrighteous control of the government and citizens for which they were elected to serve; and at the same time, enrich themselves tremendously beyond the salaries to which they are entitled legally. Absolute power corrupts absolutely within the Democratic Party.

  13. The prosecutor was working for the DumBOcrook party. Justice is supposed to be blind. Fire him!

  14. I’m so sick and tired of the people who just refuse to wake up! I’ve lost all of my “friends” who I thought were friends because I tried to tell them about what’s really going on and they didn’t want to hear about it. They all think I’m crazy. Wake up people!! Get away from your stupid CNN fake news and just wake up to the real world.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I too had some, very few, Liberal friends I no longer speak to or see and the one thing they had in common?? They ONLY WATCHED CNN AND MSNBC.

  15. We The People are so fn pissed off and we are not going to take it any more…..we have a cardboard cut out of a fake president who does’nt take questions and if he does take a question he says he’ll get in trouble or he either yells at the questioner or laughs and asks if the question is serious. All it says,IMHO, is that he is a POS fake president with absolutely no leadership skills

  16. well i feel if the democrats and the republicans don’t bring honesty and integrity back into their offices then there probally won’t be a 2 party system anymore
    and probally what happen jan 6th will only be the beginning of the peoples wrath with politics

    I told my children 30m years ago, when they were growing up that daddy might not be around to see it but there will be another revolt in this country greater then the boston tea party or the civil war

    till politics start doing the people will and not big business

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