Prosecutors Decline to Charge Cuomo on Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Well, if you thought we were rid of Andrew Cuomo, think again.

After an extensive investigation, prosecutors dropped a bombshell on Attorney General Letitia James

They have declined to prosecute the case against Andrew Cuomo, and he is already striking back.

Case Dismissed

When the initial allegations were made against Cuomo and James referred the case, we warned that this would either make or break Cuomo.

The fear was that Cuomo would come back stronger than ever if charges were not filed, and he is already making his move.

James’ initial report, which was 168 pages long, detailed allegations of Cuomo sexual misconduct against a female trooper.

Cuomo allegedly “ran the palm of his left hand” across her stomach “and he pushed his hand back to her right hip where she kept her gun.”

The woman stated she felt “completely violated because to me, like that’s between my chest and my privates.”

Prosecutors concluded that that incident did not violate any criminal statutes, so they are not going to prosecute the polarizing former governor of New York.

Cuomo’s spokesperson immediately released a statement, “With each passing day, it becomes more and more clear that the Attorney General’s report was the intersection of gross prosecutorial misconduct and an abuse of government power for political purposes.

“Her press conference proclaimed ’11 cases of violations of federal and state laws,’ ignited the cancel culture mentality and started a media and political stampede against Governor Cuomo.

“James never presented the evidence to support such claims, her report omitted important exculpatory facts, she admitted her personal interference in preparing the report and had still refused to answer any questions from the press.

“It was obviously a political springboard to remove Governor Cuomo so she could run for office, however it was so poorly done and obviously it backfired and James’ run for governor lasted only 5 weeks.”

That is a bit of a twist of the statement made by Acting Nassau County District Attorney Joyce Smith, who called the charge “credible” and “deeply troubling.”

So, if that was the case, why did she not prosecute it?

I am afraid this will only embolden Cuomo, and you know the Democrat Party will embrace him now that this case has been dismissed.

Do you think Cuomo will make another run at an office now that this case has been dismissed?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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25 Responses

    1. Yes i agree these democratic leaders are as crooked as the media. They can groped women by a large numbers and nursing home crime and still walk away.. what happen to our courts

  1. Cuomo has been “outed” as aa groper, just like Biden. Cuomo’s goose is cooked. What a nasty man.

    1. Democrats love to say that no one is above the law, when they are accusing Republicans of something, but when it is a Democrat who is guilty of something, they sing a different tune! If we truly had justice in this country, which we do not, many Democrats would be in prison right now, especially Bill Clinton! The Democrats will have their day in court some day, but it will not be on this earth, and they will be in trouble then!

  2. Did anybody really think he was going to prosecuted?
    The Democrats change the rules to there benefit when there losing!
    The brothers make there parents proud!!

  3. I wonder who the judge was on this case. I wish it was his daughter that this pervert keep grouping. Or his or her family that was killed in a nursing home. This DA and judge must be bought off by Soros.

  4. Him And All The Democrat China Puppit Garbage of d.c. And New York Should Be Hung by The Neck Until Dead.Him And All The Democrat China Puppit Garbag

  5. I think the prosecutor and judge should lose there jobs because they are they did prosecutable misconduct! He and governor Murphy should be in jailed fir killing all those seniors in the nursing homes!

  6. If people are smart they will not reelect him for any office but we will just have to wait and see

  7. what the hell this comunist law system is crap . cuomo is a perverted P O S !judges need to be prosicuted for crimes against the people !and these defence lawers should be shot for all the lives they have desroyed letting these bastards get away with crimes against people !!! it be nice if a carjacker gets him, shot

  8. This is just proving that human people are above the law earthly law and they aren’t taking Gods laws serious. There’s alot of people crying wolf and the wolf is winning.

  9. The REAL CRIME he is guilty of is FORCING ELDERLY CARE FACILITIES TO ACCEPT VIRUS PATIENTS, EVEN THOUGH “THE SCIENCE” CLEARLY IDENTIFIED THE ELDERLY AS A “HIGH RISK GROUP” SINCE 2019! BIDEN’S AG REFUSED TO PROSECUTE! The issue is NOT JUST CUOMO DOING THIS, BUT SEVERAL OTHER DEM GOVERNORS, SUCH AS WHITMER OF MICHIGAN! They committed murder and are getting away with it! Will they prosecute CUOMO for undercounting virus deaths in New York? No, as usual, DEMS are above the law! Sickening to see this in the United States!

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