Psaki Blasts Republicans for Visiting Border and Giving ‘Speeches’

Since this new administration has taken control, there has been only one visit to the border of significance.

Kamala Harris went once, and she visited an area that was hardly being overwhelmed.

It amounted to nothing more than a photo-op.

Joe Biden has not yet visited the border, with questions arising if, in fact, he has EVER visited the southern border to see firsthand what is happening at any time during his career.

This has given Republicans an opportunity to hit this administration hard, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is NOT happy about it.

Jen Goes Off

How many Democrats visited the border for photo-ops and speeches when Donald Trump was in office?

Actually, I seem to remember then-Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) taking a trip down there and having a microphone stuck in her face.

Times have changed, and apparently, that is no longer acceptable by the opposing party.

After numerous Republicans have visited the border with less than flattering reports, Psaki went off.

She stated, “For all of those Republicans who are standing at the border and giving speeches about how broken the system is, why don’t you join us and be a part of the solution instead of relying on speeches.”

Well, Republicans have been trying to get a solution in place, but this administration only wants to keep the borders open.

Furthermore, we know why they are so upset… which is because Democrats don’t want Americans to see this debacle, and their presence is only bringing more attention to it.

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) had a response for Psaki, stating, “Here’s a solution: finish building the wall, fully reimplement the Remain in Mexico policy, and stop undermining our brave border patrol officers at every turn.

“President Trump’s successful approach to immigration gave us the most secure border in history, and Joe Biden started undoing that success on day one.

“We don’t have to stand around and wonder what, or rather who, created this crisis.

“Joe Biden did this all on his own and is now refusing to carry out the obvious solutions.”

Let’s see how that goes over with Jen.

Source: Fox News

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17 Responses

  1. She is such an ugly pig. Just imagine if President Trumps Press Secretary would had acted just a fraction of how this thing acts and lies all the time. Our Government is destroying our country and they could careless.

  2. We need to execute these traders to America. They should all be executed for treason. They’re on the China payroll or stealing from the citizens of the United States by having these trillion dollar multi trillion dollar spending bills that they skim billions off for their campaigns. Treason death

  3. Biden is doing just as he fid in Afghanistan, his Administrations favorite go to is ” If it was working , Break it, if it breaks, deny and blame everyone but ourselves

  4. Jen is so caught up in her own lies that she blocks the truth out for any problem. This woman has major mental problems. Didn’t she promise to quit just a few months ago? Guess she has started enjoying her own lies as well as Biden’s.

  5. OK, Jen, you got your name in the history books as being a democrat press secretary, now get honest, resign, write a book, do the t.v. circuit, and disappear into the corrupt heaven, where all good communist democrat suck up liars go.

  6. She is the Biden/ Harris scapegoat! I can’t believe she can get up there everyday and continue to cover up and lie for this administration. Some job!
    Republicans must enforce the laws and the Supreme Court decision. Build the wall, continue Trumps policies!

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