Psaki Snarkiness During Press Briefing Backfires

Have you ever told a joke to a packed room and had nothing but confused eyes staring back at you?

Imagine that feeling as the White House Press Secretary when you think you are cute, but it comes off as entirely out-of-touch and snarky.

That is what just happened to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Crash and Burn

While I have never done stand-up, I have done my fair share of public presentations to know that you need to know your room.

You also need to know the appropriate time and place for certain comments.

When Americans are dealing with massive supply chain issues that are only going to get worse, it is not the time for a snarky remark by an administration official.

That, however, is exactly what Jen Psaki did when asked an honest question by a reporter regarding the supply chain.

Then, after her snide remark crashed and burned, she goes on to tell the reporter how wrong he is about everything he said, because, well, she said so…

Let me take you back to comments made by both Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain and Joe Biden during Trump’s time in office and the campaign.

Ron Klain recently retweeted a comment that inflation is a high-class problem, yet he stated this would hit the middle-class the most when Trump was in office.

When the pandemic first started and the globe shut down, Joe Biden said product shortages were a leadership problem.

Well, Joe, shelves are empty, so now your administration is spinning this in every possible way, actually portraying it as a good thing.

If Joe ever decides to take questions again (he does have a town hall this week with Anderson Cooper on CNN but expect nothing but softballs to be lobbed his way), he should be asked directly about that quote.

I will get comfy and wait for it to happen.

Source: Washington Examiner

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15 Responses

  1. Why dopes the American Public have to tolerate snarkiness from a press secretary? Because Biden won’t take questions himself, it appears that this Press Secty has appointed herself the final word on everything,

    Fire her right now…..impeach and indict Joe Biden for treason and lack of a ctihng in best interests of all of us.

    1. I could sit on the can and excrete a better president than the one presently in the WH. The press secretary came out of a test tube marked FAILURE with the forked tongue of a viper.

  2. I cannot even LISTEN to the White house press secretary, this person makes my skin crawl. This person’s voice makes me want to repeatedly stab myself in the ear drums with knitting needles. This PERSON REPEATEDLY lies about everything she is asked. This person is rude, arrogant, condescending, and VERY UNLIKEABLE, almost as UNLIKEABLE as VP Clamydia Harris. Xiden had to look far and wide to find a person so ignorant and wrong for this position. But maybe this person will hit the breaking point soon, It’s having a harder and harder time spinning Xidens gaffes, bumbles and stumbles, having a senior moment, or in Xidens case senior year, freeze ups on camera, and the list goes on.
    CAN’T WAIT for the midterm, this person will either completely come apart or will have an epic tale for the books!

    1. I feel the same way. I have to turn off the tv or radio and wait for a recap. The act of having someone lying live on tv while I’m watching feels dirty because no one says a ythi g and it keeps happening

  3. Psaki has got to be the dumbest moron on the face of this planet, next to Biden and I still like to go to the bathroom and take a good Biden and wipe my butt with a Psaki.

  4. I wonder if she could flap her arms and hands anymore than she did answering the question!

    1. I know right?! I’ve seen babies in their highchairs not flapping their hands any faster. If we have someone who reads body language I’d be interested to know their take. Nah! I think she was reacting to the fact that she doesn’t have much respect from reporters for her lies.

  5. Told you a long time ago Jen to get out while the getting was good, but you thought you were smarter than the average bear…now you know, you are not. You are being crucified and you don’t even know it. Your name will go down in history…as the worst press secretary ever. You should have gotten out a long time ago, but I guess your ego wouldn’t let you., Too bad.

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