Psaki Declines to Comment on Horrible Jobs Report

We are starting to see the full effect of Joe Biden’s mandates take effect.

Last month, I stated that Biden’s policies would start to show up in the Jobs Report and it just has.

The administration fell way short on expected jobs added, and Psaki had nothing but spin to offer the American people.

Really Bad Numbers

Economists were expecting about 550,000 jobs to be added in the November report.

Instead, only 210,000 were created.

This is a cumulative effect of Biden’s mandates being put in place, season work ending, and people leaving the service industry in droves.

I stated last month after Biden finally had a good jobs report that it could be his last.

We expected considerable job losses over the next few months from the mandates being put in place for the vaccine, which is exactly what is happening.

This morning on “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Brzezinski confronted the White House Press Secretary with the report.

She stated, “210,000. So if we look at that breaking news right now, that’s a number that feels a little … what? A little off?”

Psaki said she could not officially comment until 9:30 a.m., but she stated, “we’re seeing good trends.”

What does she consider a good trend?

Mass firings over the vaccine mandate? Employees leaving over lower wages?

Service industry professionals are quitting because of staffing levels, rude customers, and bad tips.

Psaki’s answer tells us everything we need to know as to why Democrats are failing.

Rather than admitting the truth, they continue to lie to the American people and put a ridiculous and unbelievable spin on what is really happening.

If you think this is bad, wait until we get into January and February when the temporary Christmas jobs are all off the market and we see more layoffs as well as more firings from Biden’s mandates.

Let’s see how they spin this disaster then.

Source: Fox News

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21 Responses

    1. That 2 legged pig Psaki fits right in this corrupt Administration. Everyone of them need too be kicked out of Washington then kicked out of OUR country. LETS GO BIDEN needs to attend his own funeral, be put into a cheap wooden box then buried while he is still alive then make it a Federal Holiday. FU.K JOE BIDEN!!

  1. Well America , YOU got what you voted for , supposedly , LIE s from the left , deception as bad as could get
    MORE corruption than anytime in history
    MORE lies from the democrats
    NO justice for the crimes they commit
    the Demo liars club < NOT brought to justice , Demo leader s not prosecuted for thier crimes
    and they keep on lying and you believe them
    Wake Up , See the lies , smell the take over , the invasion , the theft , the crimes against humanity
    murder in all forms
    that is them , demo crat demons
    look like a crime , it is a crime

    1. But, when a crooked team hires others to triple the feeding of the ballots into machines with Biden’s name on them really is how he won. We all know it but as we also know it hard to find honest people in the RAT pack. Read fast, this will be voided, RATs don’t like the truth spoken.

  2. I fear getting up every day! THE LIES THE RED HEAD TELLS EVERY DAY ARE STARTLING! Let’s Go Brandon!

  3. What is so very sad, Educated Dems with job’s, don’t pay attention to things like this, the truth. They are still watching CNN-:?

  4. What a mess the dems have made in our country and worldwide. Are those of you that voted for him pleased with the way things are going? I would love to hear from at least one person that voted for Biden.

    1. Lol, I will guarantee that you won’t hear from a single “BIDEN VOTER” because they have NOTHING POSITIVE to say about this senile old man.

  5. Just as a sort of question, if 1/2 million jobs are “created”, and 3/4 million jobs are lost (which are not reported as lost), how is this a “gain” in jobs?

    1. Amen sister! How the f×&k did this ahole get elected? OH THATS RIGHT, HE STOLE ALL THOSE VOTES! These are very very bad people.

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