Psaki Desperately Blames Delta Variant and Unvaccinated for Biden’s Polling Numbers

Once again, the Biden administration points the blame to Americans and makes excuses rather than take ownership of Joe Biden’s failures as the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In the two most recent polls, Joe Biden has a 38 and 42 percent approval rating.

So, when Psaki was asked what was to blame, of course, she blamed the unvaccinated.

Not Joe’s Fault

In case you have not heard, Joe Biden has done everything perfectly.

The problem is people don’t listen to him.

One would think this administration would have a better answer when asked why its polling numbers are so bad.

Instead, Psaki stated, in part, “We still have 20 percent of the country who’ve decided not to get vaccinated.”

As usual, the statement is not only a stretch, the administration is once again refusing to accept responsibility for its failures.

As far as people not choosing to get vaccinated, some are by choice and I would wager a significant portion of them have already had COVID and are still testing positive for antibodies.

But that is only one aspect of it.

Psaki fails to address the crashing economy, the fact the Afghanistan withdrawal was a complete disaster, Americans remain behind enemy lines, the ongoing problem at the border, and the constant lies this administration tells the American people.

This entire administration lives in a fantasy world.

One would think being underwater by double digits a mere eight months into the administration would be a wake-up call.

Not only that, but it also shows a dip in approval of about 40 percent during that same time span.

Trust me, Jen, it is not the unvaccinated and not the Delta variant responsible for your administration’s awful polling numbers.

Source: Fox News

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18 Responses

    1. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that J^e^n P^s^a^k^i had a good heart attack or stroke, or a good high speed collision with a drunk driver…

  1. Psaki was that snotty kid in school that blamed everyone else for her mistakes, she’s now just preaching to a different audience!!

  2. She is DCs true lying red headed monster . Where are all the Orange hair hating hypocrites now? Maybe it’s just because she identifies as a woman.

  3. Biden and his Constittionally ineligible v.p. has to contine driving America into communism by coup, otherwisw history will condrm their actions and the ego of the obama 3rd term will not want this. Only a revolt by the citizens or a *(2nd choice of not really good)* military takeover of the government and a call for new elections, country wide, and the imprisonment and/or death penalty for the subersives of the democrat party to cleanse America of the destructionists and a return to the Bill of Rights ad U.S. Constitution, as (GOD) YAHWEH, gave the wisdom of the signers of these documents.

  4. Communism is lngnorence and it runs true with the dumbo crats in bozo biden’s administration.

  5. did she have an in road to become this scramble brain speechwriter and spokesperson for Biden? perhaps Daddy, Husband, cousin connection? I can’t imagine thAt her College Degree would have been in Communications!
    I personally did not think she would make it beyond the month of June when she hit the scene.

    Carmel Corn on the other hand is also a total twit. she should count her lucky stars she has been raised with a silver spoon in her mouth and is married to a millionaire and actually I think lives on property connected somehow to NASA. Makes sense since she has decided to teach young children TO Explore!…outer limits of Space…
    she can’t even follow a direct order from her President to get to the Border and access and come up with a plan to curb immigrants from stepping over the Border. Useless Administration. America is crying!!!

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