Jen Psaki Says ‘Guns Problem’ Responsible for Rising Crime Rates

Throughout the country, in major Democrat cities and states, there has been a dramatic rise in crime.

More specifically, we have seen a dramatic rise in violent crimes.

According to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, this is actually a gun problem, not a crime problem.

Blame the Tool

If someone has a car accident, the driver is to blame, not the car.

If a doctor botches a surgery, the doctor is blamed, not the scalpel or medical equipment.

Yet, for some reason, when it comes to crime, specifically crimes that occur with a gun, the gun is to blame, not the individual holding it.

It is that narrative that Democrats have and continue to use to explain away rising crime throughout the country.

When Psaki was hit with a question about the rising crime rates around the country, she deflected away from the true cause, stating, “Well, I would say, certainly, there is a guns problem.

“And that’s one of the reasons that we have proposed and now are implementing funding for community violence prevention programs across the country.”

She failed to address the fact that many of the cities with rising crime rates have dramatically reduced funding for police.

She also failed to address the fact that many of these cities already have the toughest gun laws in the country.

Finally, she failed to address many of these cities that are now struggling to even put police on the street due to so many local forces having morale issues and staffing issues due to the rhetoric from Democrats during the Trump administration.

You can have the toughest gun laws around, but when you don’t enforce existing laws, allow people to slip through the cracks because of lazy administrators, and you don’t prosecute criminals when you catch them, you are going to have problems.

So, Ms. Psaki, you could not be more wrong here… we don’t have a guns problem, we have a crime problem, and it is largely because Democrats have ostracized police and refuse to admit criminals need to be jailed and prosecuted.

Source: Washington Examiner

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10 Responses

  1. My guns have never killed anyone. I have never even shot a chipmunk. I would use it if I had to. So far I have not had to. I walk my dog in the Country side and I sure take it so a coyote doesn’t come after either of us. Gun don’t kill people. People kill people. A knife is used to cut things with . It will be used to stab someone. It doesn’t just get up and stab anyone. A gun doesn’t go and answer the Door. Some one has to be holding the gun. I think this poor woman has a mental disorder that someone needs to show her an example. You get rid of the Criminals and no one will ever have to use a gun. HA!!!

  2. Guns dont shoot themselves.if a criminal wants a gun they dont have to look too hard….especially with the border open theres plenty of weapons, drugs, gang members to hook you up! This administration is more interested in over turning President Trumps good work rather than admit the giant mess and babies being shot due to lack of police particapation because of cutting funding and restrictions…. demacrat ran cities are corrupt and digust me! In michigan our control freak Gretchen would rather cause our economy to close down than to give up her rediculous power…. I want President Trump back!!!!! And yes the election was stolen from us.

  3. sorry she is so dumb…lies like the rest of the bunch in the white house.

    1. Plus the new heads of ALL the agencies. Most of them cannot even understand what their agency/department is supposed to do, by law.

  4. The problem is a Biden and crime problem NOT A GUN PROBLEM ….

  5. The most stupid reasoning ever. Instead of worrying about guns, lets worry about those that are using guns illegally. But then that would eliminate many of the dem prone voters. So just keep blaming it on the gun, not the person handling the gun,.

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